Awkward Favor

If you haven’t heard, I am a finalist for the 20 Something Blogger community for “Best Vlogger” and “Most Awkward Blogger.”  Not completely sure what the last category means.  But anyways, if you could click the picture above and vote for me as “Best Vlogger,” I would greatly appreciate it.  Voting ends January 10th!

Want to see my videos?  Check out my personal channel:  Phampants & my collaborative running channel:  ADoRunRun

P.S. Vote for FreeandFlawed as “Most Awkward Blogger.”


8 thoughts on “Awkward Favor

  1. Where did people get this graphics? *I’m* a finalist and I don’t have one… is it one the 20sb blog or something? At the same time, I’m indifferent.

    Anyway. Already voted for you way back when. I mean seriously, you bleed vlogging.

  2. I was also Nominated for Most Awkward Blogger so thought I’d come check out the competition :P. Turns out I quite like your blog and you’re funny, good luck!

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