Phampantsless Subway Ride


17 thoughts on “Phampantsless Subway Ride

    • True, it was not blizzarding, but we had frigid temperatures. I know the girls have more to show, but the guys have more to lose. Talk about major shrinkage. Think about the boys!

  1. HA HA! Omg that was brilliant. And I saw an article about it on msnbc and thought “I know someone who did that!” Well know in the blogger sense.

    You are a brave man. And you have nice boxers. 🙂

    • Glad you like my boxers. You know, there were a few cities in Texas that did it. You should do it next year. 😉 It’ll be fun and I promise it won’t be as cold as Chicago.

  2. This is amazing! I saw it first on a news report about the people who participated in NYC (I’m in Jersey so we get our news from NYC-based affiliates). I didn’t realize you were taking part – that’s totally awesome!

  3. omg this is TOO hilarious!!!

    and holy crap, it’s freakin cold where you live!!!! i wore a skirt to work today and it was 75. i think you need to move.

    but seriously, LOVED this video.

  4. So freaking hilarious! I loved the reaction of the people on the el who had no idea what they were in for. Thanks for sharing. (I still think you guys are insane…I can barely walk in this weather without thinking I’m going to simply fall to the ground and literally freeze to death).

  5. I spent an entire day pantless and blogged about it. It was tagged under “pantless” and I can’t tell you how many people find my blog using this tag or googling the word “pantless.” Legit. At least 1 person a day. At least.

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