Do YouTube?

The wonderful Ashley blogged earlier this week about her favorite YouTube channels.  Ashley mentioned how the majority of the population flock to YouTube in search of funny and viral videos.  But she is right, YouTube is more than a place for videos.  It’s a community.  A community just like 20sb only bigger, more tight knit but more spammers & trolls.

I remember when I first started to watch videos on YouTube, I was working as an archivist scanning pictures the summer after college before I entered the real world.  Want to know what I watched?  Ready to laugh?  I watched Digimon.  That’s right folks, I loved Digimon and I was YouTubing it.

Needless to say, I grew out of the dummy YouTube phase of just searching and watching videos to become an active member of the community.  I became as much of a YouTuber as I am a blogger.  I have friends in both worlds; friends who I talk to, meet up and collaborate with.   Both worlds are creative, funny and serious, but one uses text and pictures while other uses sight, sound and the evolution of media.

So my dear blogger friends, I would like you to meet the awesomeness that is YouTube.

The Vlogbrothers.  Two brothers, one a New York Times bestseller young adult author (John) and the other an eco-blogger and musician (Hank).  They are the epitome of awesome, nerds and the decrease of world suck.

Community Channel is a hilarious Australian girl who speaks of the obvious but in the most hysterical way possible.  Definitely my #2 favorite after the Vlogbrothers.  Natalie, if you’re reading this, CALL ME!

Nalts is a middle age man who has an adorable family and a teenage sense of humor.   Honestly, when I am married & become a father, I hope I am as good of a father as he.

Pomplamoose is one of my favorite YouTube bands.  I have already plugged them numerous times on my blog and now, I will share to you their awesomeness once again.

Julia Nunes is another favorite YouTube artist.  She made me fall in love with the ukulele.

Charlieissocoollike is a British YouTuber who is…well, British.

BusanKevin is a Canadian teaching English in Japan.  A good YouTube friend of mine who shares to the world the weird & wacky things he finds in Japan.

SisterSalad is a collaboration vlog channel between 3, though you only really see 2, sisters as they try to keep in touch while living so far away.  They copied the Vlogbrothers style but have their own twist to it.

Pogobat has nothing to do with Dan Brown’s universe, but once you get a glimpse of it, you get sucked in and can’t escape. It’s like a black hole, but only very entertaining and educational.

RocketBoom is an internet startup that educates the Internet about current events with quick humor through Mememolly and the many offerings of New York City through Ella Morton.

WheezyWaiter is a Chicago YouTuber who is freaking hilarious.  Hilarious.  Must watch pleaes.

FlawedArtist is a new find through my friend WheezyWaiter.  Learn how to cook in less than 4 minutes with nerdy humor.

I honestly could go on and on, but you should check out these folks.  Want more recommendations?  Check out all my subscriptions here.


7 thoughts on “Do YouTube?

  1. I have to admit, I don’t youtube. Like, only if I’m searching for something. Which means your blog is a great help in introducing me to things I would have never found otherwise.

  2. Ok. Ok ok ok. In an effort to “understand” vlogging like I got into blogging, I’m looking directly to you for guidance.

    I mean, I have to do it for work anyways, but who knows? I could get addicted. 🙂

  3. Hey there! I saw this post way back when you published it, but I just found out that Nataly Dawn is the niece of my cousin’s husband’s mom. (So, I guess she’s my cousin’s husband’s cousin.) Anyway, totally random, but my C’s H’s mom posted a link on facebook about Pomplamoose, referring to Nataly as her niece, and I was like, “I’ve heard of that group before…I think it was in that YouTube post that Phampants wrote awhile back.” So, cool!

    Um…that’s all.

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