I Want to be a Ford Fiesta Agent!

So my friend Karen & I just applied to be Ford Fiesta agents and we REALLY want to be chosen.  Please help us out by watching the video below and commenting on the video:

If you could also share it out and tell others to help us.  The more views & comments the better.

ALSO, if you care to tweet to @fordfiesta saying ” @fordfiesta You should pick John & Karen to be Fiesta Agents: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6jNbSKn7Rk ” that would be FANTASTIC!

If Karen & I do get chosen, we’re going to up the challenges given to us by Ford by allowing you to challenge us on missions.

So yeah, if you want more videos, a chance of me visiting you in your home town and making me do random but hilarious missions, help me become a Ford Fiesta Agent!


11 thoughts on “I Want to be a Ford Fiesta Agent!

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