Phampants on ChicagoNOW

So I’ve been working a super secret project.

Okay, it’s not that secret, but it has been keeping me away from here.  However, I’m back with fantastic news!

I am a ChicagoNOW blogger!

Now before you get too worried, this will always be my home and I will continue to blog here.  However, starting today, I will also be blogging…well, to be more exact, vlogging for ChicagoNOW.  To be exact, my videos (that I hope you all love) will be posted there from now on.  So if you want to view them, please subscribe to my blog on ChicagoNOW.  Eventually, I will post them here, but not right away.

So yeah, I’ll be posting videos twice a week on ChicagoNOW, so join me there!

If you’re wondering what my new video is about, I’ll just say that I sing the Greek alphabet to the tune of “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain.”  Here’s a teaser screen shot:


8 thoughts on “Phampants on ChicagoNOW

  1. I’m a new reader (viewer?) and I loved this! I especially appreciate Quigley the cat, and Nutella. Yum! (The Nutella, not the cat.

    P.S. Congrats on being a ChicagoNOW blogger!

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