A Drink on YouTube

I love the Internet.

I love bloggers and YouTubers.

Last Thursday night, I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with my fellow YouTube friends:  Monica, Liz, Craig and Liz.  Craig’s band, Driftless Pony Club, was playing at the Hideout and it so happen to be Monica’s birthday.  So what’s better than to hang out, listen to awesome music and celebrate a birthday.

Now as much as I love blogger meetups, nothing could compare to YouTube meetups.  Why?  Well, this tweet will explain it all:

Yeah, not the first time and I’m sure not the last time.  However, I never had a guy be so persistent.  I mean seriously?  Am I that attractive?  I can’t even attract a girl for the life of me and then this guy shows up.  Seriously?

Now I’m not that much of a pick-up line person, but the way this guy tried to introduce himself to Monica, Liz, Liz and myself was just…well, #uberfail:

“I would rather lynch myself than make YouTube videos.”

As the four of us awkwardly laughed it off, the guy used his brother as his wing man to hit on Liz of Nerdfightastic.  While one Liz was occupied, he focused his attention on me and swooped in.  No seriously, he did.  He started to touch me.  Thankfully, it was all above the waist.

I gave Monica a glance, to which she pulled the other Liz aside and began to fill her in of the whole situation.  Meanwhile, I was there alone to fend for myself.  What did I do?  I resorted to Twitter (see tweet above).

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with one’s sexual orientation.  It’s just that I don’t bat for the other team nor am I a switch hitter, so this whole situation is new and awkward for me.  Awkward enough that it would result in me needing another beer?  So what did I do?  I said to him that I was going to get another beer.  Big mistake.

Now the wing man was gone, Monica was back and SisterSalad Liz had to leave.  I told the girls, “Oh my God, he’s going to by me a drink.”  Yeah, Liz and Monica were having way more fun than I was.

Monica shouted to the bar, “Get him a stout!”

“Don’t encourage him!” I said.

Now it’s not the first time that I had someone buy me a beer.  I just never had someone who was hitting on me, of the male persuasion, buy me one.  What do I do?  Am I bound to him now?

Speaking of bound, did I mention that he asked what I was doing on Friday night?  Oh, he also adds if he and his brother could stay over at my place.  Huh?

I may be a simple guy.  Hell, I’m clueless half the time when it comes to girls.  Okay, that was a lie, I am pretty clueless when it comes to girls.  But yeah, Monica & Liz summed it up very well, “Now you know how it feels to be a girl.”

So true.

But don’t worry, I’m still a guy.  Last time I checked.  I should check again just to be sure.

Anyways, after a long ordeal, Monica gave him the “rejection hotline” pretending that it was my number.  She even put a heart on my name.  I couldn’t tell what was worse, her giving him my “number,” the heart next to my name or the fact that a rejection hotline actually exist.

What can I say?  YouTubers getting together often lead to quite memorial nights.  At least I got a free drink out of it.


4 thoughts on “A Drink on YouTube

  1. Yep. I’ve used the Rejection Hotline. If I’m not mistaken, there are more than one in existence.

    And this post? Freaking hilarious.

    P.S. I’m sure you do just fine with girls. As long as they don’t want to lynch themselves over YouTube, you’re in like Flynn.

  2. I didn’t know the rejection hotline was real either. Huh. The more you know, I guess.

    What’s on the inset bookcase behind you? Looks like huge beer cans, which would be awesome.

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