Pham’s Asian Glow

For the record, please note that I’m currently writing this blog post with a night toasty buzz going on and drinking a beer in bed.  Now, back to your scheduled blog post.

Fact:  I am Asian (unfortunately).

Fact:  I am missing an enzyme to properly break down alcohol.

Fact:  I have the Asian glow when I booze up.

Fact:  I brew my own beer.

About a year ago, my best friend sent me this book:  The Complete Joy of Home Brewing.  He knew I always wanted to start brewing.  Ever since I helped him brew a batch, I was pretty much hooked on the idea that one day, I’m going to be a home brewer.  Sure enough, this past Christmas, Pham’s Brewery opened up for business.

On December 27th, Fever Attic Dunkel was conceived:

My best college buddy help set up the brewery and taught me the ways of the brew master.  Then on February 2, 2010, I uncapped the first bottle and the Fever Attic was born!

A nice dark beer with a light and well carbonated body.  The Fever Attic Dunkel was a success!

And with such a success, I had to brew more.  So at the end of January, I brewed my 2nd batch; a pale ale.  And tonight, on the eve of St. Patrick’s day, I uncapped it with my drinking buddy.  Behold, Pham’s Asian Glow:

Nice aroma with hops, beautiful color, full pale ale body and a clean & light after taste.  Another success folks!

Now for those of you who are wondering, I brewed my 3rd batch last night.  It’s going to be an IPA.  Uncapping is scheduled for May 1st.  Stay tuned.

I may or may not have been drunk during this post.  If this post did not make sense, then I may have been drunk.  On that note, good night and happy St. Patrick’s Day!


8 thoughts on “Pham’s Asian Glow

  1. Whatever. It’s St. Patrick’s Day.

    Props on brewing your own beer, sucks on the whole lacking enzyme thing. Lots of people (read: me) get nasty headaches when drinking microbrews. I hear it’s because it’s a sensitivity to the acetaldehyde. Whatever, I just pop a couple of ibuprofen and party on…

  2. Haha – love it. And you should totally brew up some blueberry beer. I once dated a dude who would brew his own beer. It was so delicious I was at first hestitant to break it off with him because I’d miss his beer so much. He had a pumpkin beer in the works and I knew if I could just hold out for a week or two more I could get my hands on some of it. Sadly, his personality forced me to call it quits before I could try it out.

    Yes, yes I am that shallow.

  3. You are Asian – unfortunately!? I’m Asian too… hmmm. Anyway, I actually don’t get the lovely Asian flush/Asian blush/Asian glow as my family so affectionately calls it. I’m the exception in the family. Love that you brew your own beer!

  4. Never heard it referred to as the Asian glow, but I too lack the enzyme. Sucks. Totally.

    After a night of under-age drinking, my mom looked at me and said, “Stay out of the sun. You’re sunburned!” No, mom, that’s Boones Farm all over my red face.

    “I’m Asian (unfortunately)”???? What the hell?? I don’t know you but that’s just sad. Be proud of your asian-ness. I am!

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