Cupcake Prank

It’s April Fools Day.  My friend Karen & I baked 100 cupcakes to distribute to random strangers.  The joke?  Will people take free cupcakes or pass on them because it’s April Fools Day.  The cupcakes are completely normal, fine and rich of cupcakey love.  Now the big catch of course, if we could not distribute 100 cupcakes during my lunch hour, then we have 100 cupcakes and no way to dispose of them.


21 thoughts on “Cupcake Prank

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  2. Aw that was awesome! I love how many people were willing to take one UNTIL you said “Happy April Fool’s Day”. Then they were like, oh nevermind. :p

    I want a homemade cupcake, made with love and American patriotism!

    • Well, the thing is I had to get rid of 100 cupcakes during my lunch hour. Seeing how it was a difficult task to begin with, I had to do a little bit of both. It worked though

  3. Love it! I saw the video go up in my google reader, but had to wait until after the weekend to watch it bc my parent’s internet connection blows. The suspense was killing me!

    But I won’t lie… I probably wouldn’t have taken a cupcake… :p

  4. I think this is my favorite video so far.

    A few more of these, and I will have enough clips for my compilation video of Karen beating you up. I am hoping for a flying kick in the next one.

    Well done, Karen.

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