Be Back in 5 Minutes

A year ago this month, I got hooked on Doctor Who.  Now, it’s one of my favorite shows of all time.  Though I was sad to see David Tennant leave as the 10th Doctor, I’m very excited for Matt Smith playing the role of the 11th Doctor.  Not to mention, the new companion of the Doctor, Karen Gillan, playing the role of Amy Pond, is HAWT!  I’d kiss that gram any day.  Maybe more.

Anyways, I’m digressing.  I’m just happy that Doctor Who is back.  Trust me, I would LOVE to be the Doctor’s companion.  But as Matt Smith puts it so well, we all want to be the Doctor.


8 thoughts on “Be Back in 5 Minutes

    • I love Torchwood. I watched the whole Doctor Who (new version) franchise in order. From when it was released each year from Doctor Who, Torchwood & Sarah Jane Adventures.

      • Then I need to watch Dr. Who. The new version is on Netflix streaming. But I love Torchwood b/c of Captain Jack, Gwen, and Owen so…we’ll see how I feel about Dr. Who.

  1. I am happy to see Doctor Who return, but I’m not sure about this season. I’ve really enjoyed David’s run as the Doctor. I hope Matt Smith can really do well in the series.

    As for Torchwood, that was a good show. I liked Series One. Series Two wasn’t too bad, but I was kind of let down by the “Series Three” – Five Episode special that ran last fall.

    • I saw “Children of Earth” (the mini-series you’re speaking of) on BBC America last year and that’s actually what got me into Torchwood. I didn’t see the first two seasons until just recently when they were on Netflix streaming. So, yeah, my opinion was that the third one was great…good enough to get me interested in the whole series!

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