So guess what?  I’m on BoingBoing, Neatorama and Treehugger today!

Well, er…let me explain.  These mega blog sites are joining forces, along with other blog sites, to promote awesomeness by helping to repair the world.  More specifically, they are raising money for charity while having fun.  What charity are they promoting exactly?  ALL OF THEM!

But John…err…Phampants…err…Pham…err…whateverIshouldbecallingyourightnow, where are you involved in this whole thing?

Thank you for asking.  All these mega blogs are having a competition on seeing 1. which team can donate the most money and 2. which team is the smartest.  A 10 question video quiz was created and I contributed two of the questions that the mega blogosphere will be watching and answering.  The quiz game is called Bazinga!

How to play:

Starting today, until the end of the week, play the game Bazinga! and record your score.  Then choose any charity you would like to donate (must be an official 501C3 charity) and donate however much you wish (minimum $1).  Finally, email your team, score, charity and how much you donated.  At the end of the week, the team with most money raised will get bragging rights.

Extra incentives to play:

Besides making the world a better place and donating to wonderful causes, you will have a chance to win 10 Wii game sets,  a chance to be on national TV and an iPad!

So seriously, what are you waiting for? Go play Bazinga! and donate to your favorite charity.  It’s the blogosphere giving back and making a difference.  Besides, you get to see my awesome funny looking face on the Internet.  Heck, feel free to leave me a comment on how dorky, nerdy or a big loser I look in the quiz.  But hey, I’m here helping promoting goodness, awesomeness and charitable giving.  So will you join me in making this world a better place and help repair the world?


  1. Choose a team:  BoingBoing, Neatorama or Treehugger
  2. Play Bazinga!
  3. Donate at least $1 to your charity of choice
  4. Email with your team name, Bazinga! score, charity and amount donated. (Honor system here people.)
  5. Tell others to participate!

Pick a team & play Bazinga!

Team BoingBoing

Team Neatorama

Team Treehugger

Full Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated whatsoever by any of these sites or any other sites that may be involved but not listed.  My involvement in the quiz Bazinga! was done in good will.  I am promoting this event on my own behalf.


3 thoughts on “Bazinga!

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  2. Thanks John! This is an awesome post; you’re an awesome dood for donating your time on the video; so let’s have a big group awesome hug! {{{{{{{{{{{yAy Us!}}}}}}}}}

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