I Love/Hate Target


8 thoughts on “I Love/Hate Target

  1. I made fun of you 10 times in this video. You’re hot though, Pham.

    I have the same issue with IKEA now. I’ve been there, oh… twice and have left with multiple things each time.

  2. Yea, I have this very problem at REI. Great, yea, because I have the necessary clothing, gear and equipment to particpate in any outdoor activity from hiking to cycling to kayaking to rock climbing to snowshoeing to alpine skiing. Except I really only run with the occasional bike ride. And why am I spending 189 dollars on an ice axe anyway?? Because it was on sale and I was trying to build up those dividends. It’s cool though. I also got some bouldering crash pads for a steal under 300 bucks. So at least I’ll be safe.

  3. Dude, you must have spent a few hundred bucks! DVDs are expensive! I have just one season of Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother (though I have been sorely tempted to buy more). I’m that way at Ulta- “ooh- I don’t have that nailpolish yet! And I need more colors of eyeshadow!” Nobody needs more colors of eyeshadow.

  4. SO TRUE!
    My last day in Chicago, I went to Target on Addison for “essential” toiletries and spent nearly $50 bucks on everything I didn’t need!
    My only question when I arrived back to the apartment:
    Now where am I going to put all this crap when my suitcases were already stuffed to the brim prior to my Target rendezvous ?!!!

  5. Dude, I love you.

    Is this serious though? You didn’t really buy all those DVDs did you?

    I cracked up this whole time though bc it’s so true. Target takes all of my money.

  6. Nice Kashi GoLean.

    I have the opposite problem with Target. They usually have nothing that I need and are never open when I can go there (I think they close at like 3 pm most days).

    Menards on the other hand… let’s just say I spend a lot of money “saving BIG money”

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