Woes of a Bachelor

It’s not that my place is a dump or uber nice like your stereotypical bachelor pad (depends on the kind of bachelor you know); it’s neither.  The problem is that I’m often busy and/or lazy (the latter applies most of the time).  So my place isn’t always the nicest, but it’s livable (and I use that word loosely).

My apartment isn’t disorderly nor is it in order, but it’s something you would expect of a 20-something year old single male living in a metropolitan area.  I’m not always home and when I am, I’m often distracted by something that needs attention.  Like my cat (Hi Quigley!), for example.  The problem is that I’m not home enough to properly take care of it.  When I am, it’s usually after a long, hard day or week and the last thing I want to do are the chores.

Kitchen is my number one disaster area.  The problem is that I love to cook.  Cooking always entails dishes.  Dishes that end up in the sink and often times wait up to 3 weeks before they’re washed.  It’s bad; really bad.  I do not like doing dishes.  It’s a fact that is well known and can be verified by my former girlfriends.   But on the bright side, I’m a decent cook.

The bathroom, often considered a bio-hazard zone, is surprisingly…alright, who am I kidding?  As bad as the bathroom can be, the worse part is my sink.  It’s covered in my weekly shavings of my feeble and abandoned attempts in growing a beard.  However, I’m not the only contributor to the mess that is my bathroom.  It’s shared with my cat, Quigley.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t clean after himself.

Speaking of cat, this little stinker sheds enough fur to mold another cat.  Floor?  Cat hair.  Bed?  Cat hair.  Couch?  Cat hair.  My dinner?  You get the idea.

Anyways, last night I finally cleaned my apartment thoroughly for the first time in 3 months.  Every inch of my apartment was swept, mopped and sanitized.  It’s actually suitable to have guests again.  Not to mention, after living in my apartment for almost a year, I finally cleaned up and set up my sun room.  All in all, this apartment is presentable (again).

So, who wants to come over?


13 thoughts on “Woes of a Bachelor

  1. I need to get this out of the way first- I love that you gave your cat a shout out. But then again, if you’re out and busy, there is a bit of net surfing Quigley does to pass the time…

    My apartment is always 80% clean. There’s always something that starts to look disasterous. I hesitate to get it to 100% even once because then it’s like I’ll actually have an idea of what it really could look like and how it will never ever be that way again. And that will make me sad.

  2. I think that you’ve over looked a key factor here: you just need a small staff! I bet that if you vlogged about it you could even get an intern looking for social media experience to take care of all this for you 😉

  3. When I was in college (way back when and the days before compact equipment or wireless), I built a 50 foot extension to my headphones and listened to music while I did dishes or other cleaning chores. I grew to enjoy dishes-even to this day I don’t mind doing dishes by hand. However, now-a-days, I use my mp3 player or the wireless headphones and I listen to books rather than music. Now it’s more of an inertia thing than anything else, but a little prodding from Amy cures that.

  4. Woot for cat shout outs! I definitely have this problem, too – there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day for keeping on top of the cleaning. Especially with sheddy cats. Way to go on the spring cleaning, I definitely want to come over! 🙂

  5. Come clean my house, dude. The only thing worse than cleaning your own hair, is cleaning hair that isn’t yours.

    Yeah, I have 2 roommates. Male roommates., Pubes everywhere.

  6. Further supporting the conspiracy that we might have been relocated far away from each other is my tendency to clean things. For example: I cook kinda “meh”, but I am automatic at doing dishes and cleaning stuff, which I think comes from once being a janitor (worst job ever).

    I have a feeling your busy/lazy rotation is 180º from my rotation.

    OH! This reminds me! I gotta prep MY place for when YOU crash here in LA!

  7. I vacuum, and my apartment is still covered in Sophie hair. I vacuum again, the fur remains. It’s a never-ending battle against this shedding beast I call my dog. I’ve given in. I just live among the wispy shreds now.

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