VidCon 2010 – In Pictures

Welcome to VidCon 2010 thanks to the Vlogbrothers.

Meeting the first YouTuber I ever watched, Caitlin Hill (theHill88).  You have no idea how excited I was meeting her. This was the first video I watched from Caitlin.  She’s the reason why I’m became involved with YouTube.

ZeFrank, one of the most amazing, influential & brilliant person that ever lived.  Anyone who make vlogs now or makes videos, you’re paying tribute to him.  He started it all and is the grandfather of vlogging.  He is the pioneer of online video.  If you want to know what amazing things ZeFrank spoke at the keynote of VidCon, you can read it in Ashley’s post.

Michael Buckley (WhattheBuckShow) was one of the most kindest and sincere YouTubers present.  He truly understands community because he was always surrounded by his audience and connecting with them.

ZeFrank speaks about the future of online video with other influential online video content creators.

What made VidCon extra special for me was interacting and connecting YouTubers who were present to those who couldn’t make it.  Terri (Tezzitoo), who I did a collab with, could not make it so I was hunting down YouTubers who she really wanted to meet.  I went out of my way to find Meghan (Strawburry17) for Terri because thanks to Meghan, Terri is where she’s at now.  Not only is Terri excited to remotely meet Meghan, Meghan was surprised that Terri went out of her way to introduce herself through me.  Thus, showing that the YouTube community outreach is beyond video but connecting friends.

Every time I saw Tay Zonday, I got Chocolate Rain stuck in my head.

Though 9 of the top 10 most subscribed people on YouTube are men, the women of YouTube play a powerful force in the community.  iJustine talks to the women of Vlogvetica about the imact of women on the community.

The Station is redefining online video by having powerful YouTubers coming together and creating their own production company.  Not only do they still produce their own work, but the produce videos together under the Station label.  The first of it’s kind, the Station is being closely watched by old and new media alike as they make an impact on online video.

Just like Terri, Kevin (BusanKevin), a dear YouTube friend of mine who have constantly promoted me could not attend either.  So I sought out Craig (WheezyWaiter) and asked him to sing the postcards that I was sending to them.  Just because they couldn’t attend VidCon, it doesn’t mean VidCon couldn’t come to them.

Molly Templeton (Mememolly) interviews Brittani Louise Taylor for Rocketboom.  VidCon was created and organized by the community for the community.  No one expected for it to be sold out or bring such attention in a way that old and new media sent delegations to LA to watch, observe and participate in the convention/conference.

However, the best time at VidCon was spending time with my fellow bloggers and 20SBers.

But now, I need to rest before I can truly do a proper writeup and make video about it.


6 thoughts on “VidCon 2010 – In Pictures

  1. I must say, Tay Zonday was pretty easy to spot even if you weren’t looking because all of a sudden you’d just hear a really deep voice talking to someone and you’d turn and he’d be there.

    Nice guy, though. Pretty eloquent, too.

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