Congratulations BusanKevin

2 years ago, Kevin found the collaboration running channel that my friends and I were involved in.  A runner himself, he found our videos entertaining and motivational.  From there, he found my personal channel where I put up videos of me being me.  Since then, he has been endlessly promoting me.  As a medium sized YouTuber from Japan, he has given me about a third of my subscribers.  He has asked me to do collabs and worked with me on random projects.  We’ve done cultural exchanges where I send him running supplies that he can’t get in Japan and I get Japanese beer in return.

Overall, Kevin is such an awesome and genuine guy.  A Canadian teaching English in Japan, he’s a long way from home, but YouTube definitely brings home to him.  Whether it’s connecting with YouTubers like me back in North America to connecting with other English teaching YouTubers in Asian, a community of friends connect via the medium of online video.

That being said, Kevin just became a first time father.  12 days past their due date and over 25 hours of labor, Kevin’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday.  To celebrate this tremendous occasion, I coordinated with as many friends and YouTubers I could and we made this video for Kevin, his wife and new born baby.

Congratulations Kevin!

EDIT: Here is Kevin’s response:


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