Another Number

A year can be a long time, or perhaps a short blink; it all depends on how you look at it.  This time last year, I was freaking out and possibly breathing into a brown paper bag as I prepared myself for flipping the quarter.   A year later, I have finally embraced the fact that I’m a quarter century old only to now turn 26.  I’m a year shy of my golden birthday, but I’m also a year older and closer to 30.

25 was fun.  There were great moments and then there were horrific experiences I would like to forget.  But it was good to me and I would not change anything.  It’s all a part of life.

I topped off my 24th year by backpacking Europe, so I knew I had to do something better.  25 kicked off with moving into my second adult apartment in Chicago and then running a half marathon 2 days later.  From there, I flew to NYC for a blogger meetup, having such a fun and whirlwind weekend in a city that I stole my heart after 48 hours.  September was greeted with a trip visiting one of my best high school buddies in Minnesota.  However, nothing could top October when I ran and completed my first marathon.  Though injured 14 miles in, I limped on because I knew I could-and I did.  Throw in Seattle and San Francisco at the end of the month, 25 was becoming quite the year.

Winter approached causing the fun to die down and life became dull.  Though this is where my dear friends would come in and make things magical.  From seeing my best friend who taught me how to brew beer to a wedding of a White bride and reconnecting with an old acquaintance, I knew that one of my true joys in the world is that of my dear and beloved friends. The winter lull fostered great music.  It came to a point that I was going to 3 shows a week because there were so many great bands visiting Chicago.

With end of one calendar year and the beginning of another, I reinvested my time into making YouTube videos.  A medium that has so many variables, barriers and challenges, I knew that I wanted to rise to the top and refine my skills of video making.  It’s because of that passion, I was featured in the Huffington Post and be able to connect with some amazing people and get posted on Boing Boing.  Though one passion that is still the greatest of all is traveling.  Though I could not go see the world as I would like, I brought the world to me and welcomed couch surfers from Europe and the US to stay.

Spring rolled in with friends from out of town visiting.  Catching up with friends of old and new, reminds me how important they are in my life.  They inspire me in many ways, but most importantly, to LIVE LIFE!  And it’s because of the Internet that I’m able to connect and stay connected with so many people from around the world.  From the YouTube scavenger hunt, blogger meetups to even VidCon, I have come across to many amazing people.  From friends of old who I visited in DC to friends of the Internet in LA, my life explodes with joy each day as I make new, genuine and meaningful connections each day.

So it was most important that to celebrate the end of my 25 year, I would have my friends gather and celebrate.  In hind sight, I should have live casted the party to ensure those who were far away could attend.  Friends of old and new, friends of I and U-RL, but mostly friends of mine, dear and true.

Today, I wave 25 goodbye and welcome another year.  Not panicked or at ease, but welcoming for a change and always for an adventure.  Friends have promised that 26 would be a good year.  I trust them and can’t wait for it to start happening.

But on this particular day, I’m just going to smile and welcome this new number.


12 thoughts on “Another Number

  1. You’re handling the year change much better than I. :p I’m going to cross my fingers that all the maturity you possess comes at some point during the 25th year….

    I hope you have a good day and that this year is just as good as the last one was for you! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday friend! I loved this recap of your year – and I have no doubt at all that 26 is going to be your best one yet. Now turn off that alarm clock and get back into bed 🙂

  3. 26 is a good age. It’s fresh in my memory, so I can say that.

    I’m so glad you had a great year! I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your life, and I hope we continue to be friends for a very long time.

    Also I sent you a text, but I don’t know if you’ve changed your number since last year. :/

    Happy birthday, dude. ❤

  4. Welcome to the other side of 20’s, my friend. You’ve still got a lot to look forward to, don’t even fret about 30 being closer. And since the past is a good indication of the future, I’d say you’ve got some pretty good times lined up.

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  6. “Not panicked or at ease, but welcoming for a change and always for an adventure” That’s how it always should be, isn’t it?!

    Cheers to your birthday and to many more adventures! Happy (belated) birthday, Pham!

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