Call Me VEDA Crazy

I’ll admit, I succumb to peer pressure. Don’t fret, it’s the right kind of peer pressure; none of the bullying or mischief possibly illegal crap.

For the longest time, I have pondered the thought with the idea of VEDA, Vlog Every Day in April.   The last two years, I just simply passed it by or do the cop out way, BEDA (Blog Every Day in April).  Needless to say, another “A” month is approaching and VEDA would uphold to its name.  Should I?  Nah, too much work.  That is until Ashley, being the awesome influential peer pressure person that she is, said that we should do it.

You know that I’m always up for a challenge.  Heck, I can never say no to a legit challenge that would push me to doing something great and better myself.  Whether it’s running a half marathon, rock climbing or even going on a rollercoaster (you have no idea of my fear), I’m up for something different, something challenging, and something amazing.

VEDA has successfully secured the place of unknown YouTubers in the community.  Maureen Johnson (creator of VEDA), Karen Kavett, Terri Coad, Amanda Mickey, Paige Harwood–all of these awesome vloggers came onto the scene because of VEDA.  Don’t be mistaken that I’m doing this to become famous or be part of the amazing class of YouTubers.  I’m not.  I need a challenge.  Let’s also not forget that I haven’t made a video in a long while.

When blogging, you can craft your words into something beautiful.   However, you’re just limited to words and hope the imagination of your audience can best grasp what you wrote.   The beauty of the video medium is that you have more to work with and be creative.   Not only you have your words, but you have a larger canvas to craft.  Sight and sound are the most obvious materials that one can use.   Yet, when you dig deeper, you realize the background is very important.   A video maker asks, “How can I make the audio more warm to the listener’s ears?” or “What is the best way to light the subject?”   This medium allows you not only tell a story, but paint it using so many different elements.

The reason why VEDA is such a great challenge for me is because I have set the bar high for myself.   I’m a vlogger but I can do so much more.  If you have seen my previous videos, I’ve always push myself into doing something different, more creative and more amusing each time.  This project would force me to be creative, funny and gosh darn it, original every single day!

So come join Ashley and I as we participate in VEDA; vlog every day with us or once a week, picking a topic that we discussed or something on your own.  Stop hiding behind words and show the world your beautiful face.  Don’t limit your art with words but create a masterpiece with a wonderful medium.  Most of all, join us for a crazy, wild but absolutely fun ride.

Make sure to subscribe to Ashley and myself on YouTube to get videos every day! VEDA starts it 3 days!


9 thoughts on “Call Me VEDA Crazy

  1. Oh wow… I don’t know if I could do this! I do have to honour LiLu and do another musical vlog if I win this contest on Tuesday (*shakes fist*) lol but I’m all sorts of awkward on camera! I am however subscribing to your channel, as long as you promise not to send me any videos of poor kitty torture!

  2. The added medium aspects of video is exactly why this is really starting to become fun for me — so many possibilities! And so many more limitations to overcome! AND most importantly, it’s getting me to look at my music differently when I’ve been in a drought.

    It might be time I thanked you for encouraging me to start.

    And now, it’s time for me to encourage my teacher (that’s you) to put the pedal to the metal and go onward, and upward!

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  6. Your videos are so much fun, I can’t wait to see 30 days of them!! I think I might join too, actually. I have never video blogged and it would be a fun challenge to see if I can do it–and to force myself to learn how to use iMovie. (or force you to teach me 😉 )

    So excited!

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