Last Chance

Tomorrow is just another half marathon.  My 7th to be exact.  I’m still as nervous about it as I was for my first.  Nothing has changed from each half.  The adrenaline, the carbo loading to hanging out with the team during packet pick-up.  Except that tomorrow will be different.  It will be my last chance.

It’s my last chance to PR.

No, I’m not quitting running.  The problem is that I haven’t PR’d since my first half marathon 3.5 years ago.  1:56:52 is the time to beat.  I’ve came close once and had I known  I was doing well in St. Louis this past spring, I could have had another serious chance.  Alas, I have always fallen short.  And tomorrow, it’s going to be my last chance to PR.

I love my running team, ADoRunRun.  The problem is that the team is separating, though not officially, it’s pretty obvious that we’re disbanding.  It’s not our choice, trust me.  Life, marriage, kids and 2 career ending injuries have left us with limited options.  From 6 runners to a team roster of 30 runners, we’re barely able to get together 5 people to run a race now.  People are scattered in different states.  2 are very pregnant.  Then comes in the injuries that would prevent two more from ever running long distance ever again.

We all haven’t accepted it yet, but we have come to the realization as a team that tomorrow would be our last half marathon.  Yes, a few of us will still run halfs in the future, but probably not under the ADoRunRun name.  So tomorrow, those who can run, will run and will run our hearts out.

Tomorrow, it’s my last chance to PR.  3.5 years ago, I started running and filmed my first half marathon to prove to my seniors that I can do this.  I never imagined that it would inspire 4 other friends to start running.  Then came the next video and more jumped on board.  We started to vlog our training because I wanted to do something Vlogbrother-like.  From there, we not only motivated and inspired ourselves, but we grew a small but dedicated following.

Paul from Missouri.  Greg from California.  Matt from Florida.  Carlos from Chicago.  Bjorn from Germany.  Kevin from Japan.  Mario, who I just met today, watches us from Guatemala with his friends, trained for this half and flew to Chicago in hopes of seeing us!  And all this started because of one video.

Sadly, that one video is about to end.  Our fans may not know this yet.  Heck, it might not be the end after all.  But as of right now, tomorrow will be ADoRunRun’s farewell race.  Yes, we’ll still be training for the Chicago Marathon, but we are known for our half marathon videos.  The Chronicles of a Half Marathon; search for them on YouTube and you’ll see why people love them so much.

Tomorrow is my last chance.  I worked so hard to drop 15 lbs since April to mimic my conditions since my first half marathon.  As long as the weather stay cool with low humidity, I might have a chance.  I hope I can do it.  I know I can do it.  In 10 hours, we’ll know if I did it or not.

Either way, tomorrow may be my last chance and whether I succeed or not, I’m going to run my heart out.  I’m going to run with my teammates present.  I’m going to run on behalf of my teammates who can’t make it.  I’m going to run for our Runnerds fans.  But most importantly, I’m going to run for myself.


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