Yeah, I just opened a can of worms.  Want to hear the nicknames that I’ve been called throughout my life?  Click through and watch the video above.


12 thoughts on “Nicknames

  1. You are right. We NEVER choose our own nicknames. They are almost always given to us.

    My nicknames: Lis, Meliss, Lissa, Mel, Melly, Melly Mel, and Missy (I absolutely hate the last one! A friend is college called me that to make my blood boil!)

  2. My first was “Porky” even though I was 6′ and about 100 lbs. The last one was in college when a mutual friend wrote a letter to my friend and me (both at the same school) and he addressed the letter to “David and Kickstand”. He claimed I was always supportive. Now, only David calls me Kickstand.

  3. lol loved this. you have good video presence 🙂 i’m in awe.
    if i have time tonight i may make a response video OR fully hop on this VEDA bandwagon.

  4. For some reason my name seems to lend itself to variations…Libster, Libman, Libanator, Libatronic, Libatronificationator, Libatronicfunkmaster (those last two from a co-worker at Steak ‘n Shake), Libilicious, Libso, Ybbil, Libby la vida loca, Libby K the Rock Star, etc. This is not to mention obvious variations of Elizabeth such as Eli, Liz, Lizzy, Libs, etc.

    If I was going to give you a nickname it would probably be “Juanito el Pham”.


  5. Hehe. I’ve had tons of nicknames growing up too, mostly from my family, but many from friends too. I remember making a list once that had at least 50 names on it, so here is just a sampling that I can think of right now:

    Jill-o, Jillinois, Jillian, Jilly, Jilly-Bean(s), Jillicious, Pookie, Boodles, Pookieboodles (PB), Peanut Butter and Jilly, Jillizabeth (a combo of my first and middle names), Jillzabeth, Jillzaboo, Jillyboo, Jillyboodle, Illinois Jill (like Indiana Jones)…

    and I’ve also been called Bubbles. Weird.

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