Being Recognized

Last night I had the joy of having dinner with my friend Karen, her cousin and another friend.  For those of you unfamiliar with Karen, she has faithfully appeared in my videos, time and time again, being my comic foil.  But most of you know her as the girl who punches me.

Now I’ve hung out with Karen on many occasions, but what made last night stand out was that I was asked to join her at the request of her cousin.  Her cousin happens to be in town and wanted to grab beer and mussels at one of my favorite bars in Chicago, the Hop Leaf.  She obviously wanted to hang out with Karen, but she also wanted to meet me.

I was confused at this request when Karen asked me to join them.  To which, Karen responded, “My cousin watches your videos.  She wants to meet you.”

This isn’t the first time that this has happened.  Not that I am against meeting people who watches, reads and enjoys my outtakes on life, because I whole heartedly want to meet people who finds what I do amusing.  If anything, I want to say thank you for watching, reading and laughing at my work.  I don’t think I’m as hilarious as people say I am, but if I can put a smile on your face, then of course I know that I have brightened your day.

It’s been about two years since I was first recognized in public for what I’ve done on the Internet.  At that point, I didn’t realize people would watch/read my stuff because I was just doing it for myself, so it was quite the awkward encounter. It’s still awkward to this day because even now when I know I have an audience, I still don’t intend for people to adore what I do.

What I do on the Internet, whether it’s blogging or making YouTube videos, I do it for myself first.  For anyone else who watches, reads and enjoys my antics, that’s only an after thought.  The Internet is a playground of idea and creativity for me; a blank canvas for me to create a work of art.  If I’m not proud of it, I wouldn’t post it.  And yet, the most underlining thing about the Internet is my desire to share a part of me with you.

The “you” are my readers, my subscribers or even random strangers.  I put myself out there not because I’m afraid of being forgotten when I am gone.  I do it because there’s a story to be told.  Every person has a story and this one is mine.

Being recognized on the streets because of my story makes me realized that perhaps my story has done some good in other people’s lives.  As my blog byline says, “I’m a nobody, but I hope to inspire somebody.”  I’m still a nobody.  And though people may disagree with this, I still feel like I have yet to inspire a single person.  But I know that as I continue to tell my story, perhaps one day someone would be inspired to share theirs.

Until then, when people come up to me telling me that they enjoy what I do, I smile and be thankful.  For I know that these people laugh, enjoy, are appreciative and inspired by my take on life.  It’s because of them that they’re inspiring me to keep on telling my story.

So to these people, thank you.  Thank you for inspiring me.


6 thoughts on “Being Recognized

  1. I think when people request to meet you when they are in town, it is a great honor and a compliment. You feel appreciated for what you do.

    I will never forget you for being one of my first followers. Had you never commented, I don’t know if I would have continued blogging. So you inspired me to continue my blog.

    Which you should be so proud of because my blog is FABulous! : P

    just kidding.


  2. Wait…you blog and make videos for you? This whole time I thought it was for me and me alone.

    Way to lead me on, jackass.

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  4. Well I would certainly want to meet you as well. Your videos always brighten my day and I am sure many other’s. You are even full of positive energy when you are sick 🙂 Keep up the good work! If only I could make videos as awesome as you lol

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