Balancing Online Identities

During the month of August, I disappeared from the blogosphere to another world where I felt very much at home as I do with blogging.  With the brilliant mind of Ashley of Writing to Reach You, we conjured up a small army of bloggers who became vloggers for a month.  The project, as previously mentioned, was called VEDA – Vlog Every Day in August.

VEDA was no easy feat because making videos takes twice, if not more time than blogging.  In addition, most VEDA participants either never used the video medium before or knew how to edit.  That being said, VEDA took over for most of us and blogging was put on the back burner.  It wasn’t that we wanted to leave blogging behind, because I sure didn’t.  However, there is only so much time in a day to do everything Internet related.

I don’t regret doing VEDA.  By saying that I loved it would be a complete understatement.  Unfortunately, VEDA took over my Internet life.

I love the Internet, in the most endearing and unloserlike way possible.  The problem is that I’m all over the Internet.  You can find me blogging, on YouTube, Twitter, ChicagoNOW, Tumblr, Dailybooth, Facebook and 20sb to name a few.  I love each place in it’s own rite, but I have issues properly balancing everything out and giving each place their deserved attention.

Four big places where I define my online identity are this blog, my YouTube channel, my ChicagoNOW blog and Twitter.  I have yet to successfully balance my commitment to each site.  During VEDA, the blog was abandoned.  When I focus on blogging, my YouTube channel collects dust.  As for ChicagoNOW, I’m in the process of building a unique identity for it.  I don’t know what it is yet or what it will become, but with my commitment to this blog and YouTube, ChicagoNOW is considered as the poor forgotten adopted child of mine.  If anything, Twitter is a constant.  Besides being the ideal way to communicate via the Internet, it is my way to connect the 3 other identities together.  It’s an anchor for my 3 poorly constructed boats.

I’m a blogger.  I’m a YouTuber.  I’m a Chicagoan.  Twitter connects me to the world and the world is completely confused of my multiple identities.

Alone, each online profile can stand upon it’s own.  I’m a blogger.  You faithful blog readers know that very well.  I don’t write about my weekends but I like to tell stories and bring you on board.  I’m a Youtuber.  My subscribers know that I make videos because I enjoy making them, even if they’re anecdotes of my life.  As a proud Chicagoan, my ChicagoNOW identity is in crisis and still unknown.  How should I portray myself there?  A question I ask myself every day.  And finally, I’m a Twitter addict.  I use it connect with the world as I bridge my multiple online personae into what Phampants is all about.

What is Phampants?  That is still a good question.  However, I stand by the fact that I’m a nobody, but I hope to inspire somebody.

Perhaps it is so appropriate that my online personae are in constant flux.  I disappear for a period of time and people forget who I am.  They realize that I am a nobody.  I’m fine with that.  But I do hope that when I come back, or in ChicagoNOW’s case decide what I want to be, I hope to inspire somebody.

I may not be able to balance all my online identities.  But there’s one thing that I’ll always succeed at is being myself.

So to you, my lovely readers, I miss you.  And hey, let’s inspire each other together.


13 thoughts on “Balancing Online Identities

  1. You know who else identified himself as nobody? Oddyseus. And look what he did. His journey was literally epic. Like, seriously, that’s the genre of the story. 😉

    That said, I think it’s important that before any of us become a somebody, that we should always appreciate the journey as nobodies because that’s where all the action is.

    So, thanks for letting us tag along in yours, dude. DFTBA, my friend. 🙂

  2. I like what Nico said in his comment.

    And man, you’re a great writer! I look forward to reading more from you now that VEDA is not taking over our lives anymore. But of course, I will always look forward to seeing new videos in my subscription page. 🙂

  3. I love this “I’m a nobody, but I hope to inspire somebody”! I also love this post. I identify as a blogger and the written word, I would never be able to be a vlogger, it’s just not who I am. However, you are so good at it. I love your vlogs and your blog posts and the fact that you are so very true to yourself always. Your presence on the internet is all you and not fake nor forced. That is very hard to do for some people to do. It is hard to have multiple sites and profiles that are cohesive and you have successfully done that!

    Both your desire to reach people and your ability to remain true to yourself inspire me, my friend 🙂

  4. This is something I think about a lot. There are so many ways to express yourself on the internet now, each as awesome as the other.. but it’s quite a chore to update each area and it’s also quite tricky to make sure that if someone finds you on Site A.. they can also enjoy your contributions to Site B, C and D. I like to follow the person, rather than the site.

    Your videos and blogs remind me life is for having fun and enjoying what you do.

  5. I…whatever the number is…what Nico said! You’ll find your balance. You’re a wonderful blogger, vlogger and twitterer, I’m sure you’ll figure out the Chicagoan part naturally 🙂

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