Father/Son Euro Tour 2010

So the title gives it away.  Yes, I’m returning to Europe again.  Surprised? I hope not.

See, I love Europe.  I love it A LOT!  Honestly, if I have the opportunity, I would live there.  However, I just need to settle for the next best thing, traveling to Europe each year and getting my fix.  It’s like an addiction.  It’s expensive, awesome and the high is fantastic!

This time around, I won’t be traveling alone.  As much as I love traveling by myself, I will have a companion this time.  As the title states, my dad is joining me for the adventure.

Now let me tell you about my dad.  I am pretty much a splitting image of him, except that I’m younger.  Oh, and I’m lacking  a mustache.  Remember FreeandFlawed‘s creepy picture of me?  Yeah, imagine that’s my dad, only not child molester looking.

Trust me, my dad looks way better.  Not to mention, his mustache is way manlier than what I can ever grow.

Anyways, since a little boy, he always dreamed to see Paris and Rome.  To this day, he’s only been able to see those two iconic cities through photographs and movies.  He has been to Europe once due to work, but it was in Ireland.  Otherwise, he really doesn’t travel or get around.  He’s pretty much content living an easy life while dreaming of that day when he can see those two cities.

Seeing how my mother would never let him travel and my sister is err…my sister.  I decided to shake things up a bit make his childhood dreams come true.  I’m taking my dad to Europe!

My family rarely ever travel.  Growing up, we made 2 trips to California to visit relatives and then a trip to Toronto.  Otherwise, we were your typical American family: lacking passport and no interest in seeing the world.  Post high school, I changed it all and became the black sheep of the family but constantly traveling.  I was tired of dreaming, decided to make it happen and never looked back.

That is why this trip is so important to me.  Besides the fact that I’m taking my dad to Europe and somehow footing the bill (still figuring that one out) sans food & souvenirs.  I hope that I can ignite the adventure of traveling in my dad.  But more importantly, I hope to get close to him. Being the quiet and reserved person that he is, he rarely talks.  He’s my father but he’s a stranger to me.

Growing up, he worked the 3rd shift and I never saw him.  He was and is the sole breadwinner.  Everything he has done, he did it for my family.  So this time, this trip is solely for him.  For the most part, I snuck in 2 cities I wanted to see and taking him along for the ride.

We leave one month today.  One month!  On October 13th, 3 days after I complete the Chicago Marathon and hopefully don’t die, my dad and I will be traveling Europe.

Chicago.  Paris.  Venice.  Florence.  Rome.

12 days.  Father & son.  Carry-ons only.  Planes and trains.  Lots of wine and hopefully lots of adventure.

10.13.2010.  FSET2010.

P.S.  I think I’m going to make my dad vlog with me.  This should be interesting.


10 thoughts on “Father/Son Euro Tour 2010

  1. Excellent! I have set to visit Europe, something I hope to correct in the coming years. For now, Asia is my playground. I hope you and your father have a grand time!

  2. That’s a brilliant idea. I think you’ll really enjoy the experience. I feel the same way about my Dad. I’m too distant from him sometimes. I need to go fishing with him one day.

  3. Can I pretend I’m your long lost sister or something? No? Won’t work?

    Ah what I would give to go back to those cities! You’re going to have a blast and that’s so awesome you’re taking your dad. Can’t wait for the vlogs (there better be a lot of them!) and to hear all about it!

  4. Hiking is a very popular means of travel, allowing you to choose freedom and flexibility, where they go and what to do, and keep costs as low as possible. Take a cheap plastic flip-flops. Thousands of people will shower the hostel before you have used to avoid, pick up anything by wearing flip-flops, bad showers, if you.

  5. This sounds lovely! My family and I are working on a trip to Italy 2011 to do Florence, Rome & Bari (where my family is from!) and then the hope is that my brother and I will splinter off and spend a week in France/Switzerland. I am praying it works somehow! It would be a life long dream for me. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip and the male bonding time that I’m sure will happen. You’re an amazing son to take him on this trip!

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