Missed Connections: Smart, Cute Girl w/ Doctor Who Button @ MSI

When I visited the nerdery Museum of Science and Industry this past Sunday, you were standing at the tornado demonstration teaching kids the wonders of the funnel cloud.  You were wearing your MSI embroidered lab coat smiling to each person approaching the exhibit.

Walking up to the bad ass tornado, I was distracted by how cute you looked.  I was having a hard time trying deciding where I should focus my eyes: the tornado science experiment or your pretty face.  Seeing how you were explaining to a little boy and his dad about the workings of a tornado, I decided to play with the buttons and levers at the exhibit.

While I was acting like a 5 year old boy, playing with the levers and buttons which controlled the tornado, I couldn’t help but listen in to your voice and you taught the boy about tornadoes, weather, science and all the nerdy stuff.  Your sweet voice raised my ears and caused my eyes to turn towards you.  You caught me looking over and smiled at me.  You brought me into the lesson and shared with me the wonders of tornadoes.  When the lesson was over, the father and son left, leaving just you and I.  We smiled at each other for a moment before I awkwardly left.

After awhile, I made my way around to the other side of the tornado exhibit.  The tall spinning funnel cloud was calling me back; or perhaps it was you.  I returned, tempted to play with the levels again, only be greeted by you again as you demonstrated the exhibit to others present. You were talking about how tornadoes don’t intend to destroy things, things just happen to get in the tornado’s way.

To which, I dared to ask, “Can you step in the middle?”

You looked at me, realizing the nerdiness of the question, smiled and obliged.  Once in the middle of the funnel cloud, you continued your lesson, putting to life what you said earlier.  When it was all over, it was just you and I again.  Your MSI lanyard with your ID was worn down your back, so I couldn’t see your name.  It was then, I happened to noticed your Doctor Who button on the left side of your MSI coat.

“Love the Doctor Who button!” I said.

You smiled.

Insert awkward pause.  And then I left again.

When the museum was about to close, I was with my friend Liz from Philly when you approached us.  You asked if we had any questions and what was our favorite part of the museum.  I froze.  I couldn’t help it.  You’re too cute and pretty with a sweet voice.  You clipboard holding, MSI lab coat looking so official but welcoming was adorable.  And then your dark jeans with the, oh my, sky blue Chuck Taylors are so much win.  And…oh, you’re looking at me for a response to your question.  Uhh.  Umm. Eh.

Thankfully, Liz jumped in and shared her thoughts about the museum.  While Liz was taking to you, I couldn’t help but admire you.  What can I say, you’re smart, cute and love Doctor Who.  You’re so much win.  Oh, you’re staring at me again.  Umm, answer. Yeah.

“I love the new weather exhibit.  Especially the tornado.  It was pretty awesome.”

Yes! I said something. Oh. My. God. What did I say? Awkward.

You smiled and Liz jumped in again to break the awkwardness.  (Thanks Liz.)

Sadly, you left short after only stand nearby alone, waiting to help someone.  I looked over.  I thought about walking over to talk to you again, but what should I say?  “So who’s your favorite Doctor?”  No, I can’t say that.  Liz was looking at me with the face, “Wow you’re really bad at this aren’t you?”  I nodded.

Before I could think of anything to say to you, Liz’s two friends returned and we were horded out of the museum with the rest of the crowd.  I never got to a chance to say bye or even catch you name.  Heck, I wish I got your number.  I #failed.  Sorry.

Liz tells me that I should return to the MSI again to find you.  I find that act possibly creepy.  Le sigh.  Perhaps our paths will cross again at some nerdy event.  I promise to introduce myself next time.


23 thoughts on “Missed Connections: Smart, Cute Girl w/ Doctor Who Button @ MSI

  1. If you think there was a spark, returning to the museum to at least just give her your number isn’t really that creepy, pham. I promise. I’ve had someone do that before and it was surprisingly sweet! Just don’t be all stalkerish and you’ll be ok 🙂

  2. Agreed with Nora! I don’t think it would be creepy if you went back. You only live once Pham! SHE WAS WEARING A DR. WHO BUTTON! FATE!

    Good post, sir.

  3. Go back! This time with a good guy friend who can play wingman and won’t give the impression that you might be attached to one of the girls you are with.

    Also, you better have posted this on the missed connections on Craigslist…

  4. OH PHAM!
    You are definitely going to march right back in there and ask her out!
    You ar sooooo going to do it. Because I said so, lol 😉
    Just go up to her, when she isn’t talking to someone else, and say “I’d love to take you out some times. I felt a little awkward asking you the other day, so I decided to come back and take a chance” totally not creepy. she’d probably be honored you took the initiative to go back.

  5. PHAM! If you do not go back there and give her your number, I will be forced to yell at you! You’ll regret it if you don’t. DO IT DO IT DO IT! Pretty please?

    Plus, it’d be so cute. “Where’d you two meet?” “at the museum.” I mean, doesn’t that scream, Awwwww?

  6. Okay. Okay, dude, you need a wingman. I’m not saying I’m the best, but I’m effective.

    The last three people I wingman’d for ended up in relationships, so there you go, that’s my track record.

    And no, I’m not just saying this so I can get to go to a science museum. (maybe I am.)

  7. So if you can’t get Nico, I can easily use being your wingman as an excuse to fly out to Chicago.

    If you do happen to run into your Tornado Girl again, please do introduce yourself (even if it is by talking about Doctor Who – P. S. Five FTW). They’re called geeky turn-ons for a reason.

    Who knows what might come from a simple “hi”.

    In short, just go for it.

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