Running Ahead

Here I am, nursing my sore left ankle post my awesome (though slow) 22 mile run in a thunderstorm when the crazy hits me.

What should my races be next year?

I get it.  I’m a runner now.  Correction, I finally consider myself a runner.  Still working on the speed, but I have no issues with the distance.  I can go on a 12 mile run at night and shrug it off as a medium distance run.   A 6 mile run is a short run for me; anything shorter, I have a hard time considering it as a legit run.  What have I become?

That being said, I’ve already started to look at races for next year.  I’m 17 days from my 2nd marathon and here I am looking towards 2011.  I should be taking one things at a time, but I know once the Chicago Marathon is over, I’m going to greatly miss the discipline and training that has been sucking my life force out of me.  So 2011, I’m looking at you.

Here are the races that I’m pondering:

Looking at the list, I realize that it’s doable.  (It’s the crazy runner that I’ve become that’s talking.)  However, it’s going to be expensive.  And yet, I’m excited.  Like, really excited.  We’ll see.  Gotta complete the Chicago Marathon first before I start thinking too far in advance.

Though, having those races on my plate can help me beat 3 time goals:  8K @ 41:28 –  13.1 @ 1:56:52 –  26.2 @ 4:10:00.

Le sigh.  Chicago Marathon, you can’t come soon enough, but I’m going to miss you when you pass.  What have I become?

A runner.


8 thoughts on “Running Ahead

  1. I’ve been worried about your training as you’re not keeping up via AdoRunRun. So I don’t know how I’m going to handle this marathon in 17 days.

    We’ll try to make St. Louis and Madison next year. I can’t run from my couch all the time.

    • Training has been going very well. I did 18 miles in 3:02 and 22 in 4:20 w/ MOzzie. Lately, I’ve been enjoying running so much that I don’t want to be bothered w/ a camera. I just want to go out, run and enjoy every moment of it. What a change 3.5 years make. That being said, don’t worry. There will be a marathon video, weather permitting

  2. That’s awesome! and inspiring for running noob Karen. I hope to be thinking about those kind of races in the semi near future! But for now, next stop is 10K-dom.

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