10-10-10: The Date to Motivate

A year ago, I ran my first marathon in Chicago.  At mile 14, my left foot went astray and the plantar faciitis flared up.  I went from running on par with my target goal of 4 hours and 30 minutes to barely being able to walk.  I was pissed.  All throughout training, it was my right foot having issues and then on race day, my left foot decides to act up.

I was already more than halfway through, so I said to myself, “Oh might as well finish it.  It’s technically less than half way to go.”  Technically, as in pretty much I was half way.

I pushed through the pain: Mile 15, Mile 18, Mile 20.  By Mile 22, my good friend MOzzie (Matt to most, Oswald to me, but since our trip to Australia, his name has been Aussie-fied) said to me, “If you can finish this marathon under 5:30, I will run it next year.”

Looking at the clock, I had 50 minutes to finish to run 4.2 miles.  By that point, I was racking up 12+ minute miles due to the pain.  I looked at him again, then the clock then back to him and started trotting.

I finished at 5:18:35.

Matt lost the bet and he knew he had to run the marathon.  Granted, he always wanted to do a marathon anyways, so this was extra incentive.  Come January of this year, he sent me an IM asking, “So when are we going to register for the marathon?”

I replied, “We?  We?  There was no we.  You lost the bet.”

I registered anyways.

I trained like I should have and trained like I shouldn’t, but I put my time in and the miles.  One mile lead to another and to another before my big 22 mile run; the most I ran since last year.  Each mile, I pushed harder than the previous.  It came to the point that I was passing people for a change instead of being fast.  I dropped a whole 1:30 per mile since last year.  But time wasn’t the only big drop, my weight dropped significantly too.  I’m 1o pounds light leading into this marathon.  The last time I was 145, I was fresh out of college.  However, the best part was that this season has been injury free.  I did have a few tender moments here and there, including right now with my left foot, but it hasn’t stopped me from running.  For a change, I felt like I did something great.  I trained hard, I ate right, I pushed my body while still listening to it.  I did everything I needed just for this day. I did it for today.

Today is October 10, 2010.

Today is 10-10-10.

Today is the Date to Motivate.

Today is the 2010 Chicago Marathon.


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