Top 10 Quotes for 2010

Here are my top 10 Quotes of 2010:

No. 10:

“There’s a double rainbow behind our house.”

Karen P.

No. 9:

“I can’t think of any Mexican last names right now.”

– Sergio A. (my Mexican colleague)

No. 8:

“He’s Opus Dei.  Sorry, I don’t feel like pumping out 9 kids.”

Tracy S.

No. 7:

“Oh man, I have to stop using those emoticons.  They’re so gross.  That one looks like I’m trying to lick you.  O_o.”

Terri C.

No. 6:

“I want to be a serf. And have the black plague.”

Ashley R.

No. 5:

“I just found a marshmallow. It’s the little things in life. It’s not every day you’re queen of the whores.”

– Samantha F.

No. 4:

“Oh crap, he’s good.”

– Jose A., from Friend & Priest

No. 3:

“If there was a stick with my head on it at the Vegas blogger meetup, cuz I can’t be there, would you defile it?”

– Pham

“Hahahahaha I would murder it”

Maxie M.

“I can deal w/ murder.  I dont want my head stuck up your V that’s all”

– Pham


Maxie M.

No. 2:

“I’m not particularly good at first dates, though I’ve been on many of them.”

Karen P.

“But you seem like a natural.”

– Pham

“What?  How do I seem like a natural?”

Karen P.

“Iono.  You’re awkward.  You laugh.  You smile and giggle a lot.”

– Pham

“Exactly! Awkward!”

Karen P.

“But that’s how first dates are suppose to be!”

– Pham

“Awkward is the opposite of what you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to be all cool and cute and make a good impression.”

Karen P.

“And how is that possible when both you and i are naturally awkward?”

– Pham

“Yes. And you and I are both single. Perhaps there is a correlation”

Karen P.

No. 1:

“I have a feeling that bloggers will take over my top 10 quotes of the year for 2010.”

– Pham

“If I kept a list, they’d all be bloggers.”

Ashley R.



7 thoughts on “Top 10 Quotes for 2010

  1. YES this year I get two quotes. last year was just one. Someday your end of year list will just be “top ten funny things karen said this past year”

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