Top 10 Posts of 2010

Here are the top 10 best/favorite blog posts I wrote in 2010:

No. 10:

A Beautiful Mess – posted on January 23rd.

So today, as I sit in a coffee shop, now on my second cup of coffee, I can’t help but smile.  I am a mess.  I don’t know what is next.  Then again, I don’t want to know.  This time last year I was hoping for something different; an adventure that will turn all things around.  And I did, I had an adventure of a lifetime.  But today, I feel like I’m at the same place as I was last year.  And yet, I know that I’m not.  I may be anxious and curious of what is next for me; waiting for another adventure to start.  Except, I know that my next adventure has already begun and it will become apparent to me in due time.

No. 9:

The Final Graduation – posted on June 9th.

Three Junes have passed since the end of Camelot. And each year, we still come together as a family, thanks to the still active parents, to honor those who never had the opportunity to graduate the hallowed halls and chapel of Quigley Seminary. Tonight will be bitter sweet as we congratulate the final freshman class and graduate the last class.

No. 8:

International YouTube Scavenger Hunt – posted on June 27th.

We each gave each other 5 things we want the person to find so we can see and learn more about our respective places.  Not only was this collaboration extremely fun, but it shows how the Internet is able to make the world a smaller place.

No. 7:

ET09: A Home Away From Home – posted February 24th.

Stepping off the ICE bullet train from Frankfurt to Cologne, I breathed the cool summer morning air of Germany.  Looking to my right and then to my left, I saw what I was looking for.  A tall, dark and handsome German was waving his hand high and smiling at me.  I smiled and waved back as I headed towards him.

“Hello!”  He said in his thick German accent.

“Hello Björn,”  I replied smiling.

We embraced each other with a long hug.

No. 6:

The Start of Something – posted on May 31st.

Zipping down Halsted Ave under the orange glow of Chicago’s street lights on my disassembling, 4th generation, hand-me-down blue road Schwinn, dressed in a Threadless shirt, jeans, a blue plaid hoodie and a gray pair of Chuck Taylors, a smile cracked upon my face.  The air was cool and damp, a mixture of late spring’s warmth and early June’s soft breath, as a light but blanketing fog was rolling in from Lake Michigan.  Pedaling at a speed of half urgency and half adventure seeking, I roll through Boystown, without even blinking at the scantily dressed men, into Lakeview.  Ignoring all stop signs and disregarding traffic lights as I weaved through intersecting traffic like a true Chicago cyclist, my smile grew bigger.  Chuckling at the posing scensters trying to find a party for the night, I managed to cut off a taxi while avoiding a prematurely drunk girl and her male escort.

No. 5:

VidCon and the YouTube Community – posted on July 16th.

How does one explain community?  Anyone can discuss it, write about or describe it, but community is meant to be experienced.  I’m struggling how to describe my experience of VidCon, in hopes that I can truly capture and reflect the experience I had this past weekend.  So tonight, I was talking to my YouTube friend Terri (Tezzitoo) from Australia, who could not make it to VidCon, and she told me to start from the beginning.  And that’s when it hit me.  The beginning means the community and what’s more community than experiencing it.  And I truly experienced community at VidCon, but I am also experiencing community as I’m chatting away with Terri.

No. 4:

Chronicles of a Marathon:  Chicago Marathon 2010 – posted on October 12th.

3 runnerds, 1 camera and 26.2 miles of inspiration.

No. 3:

Friend & Priest – posted on May 25th.

It was August 1998 when he told us about his desire to be a priest.  The moment he told me, I never doubted him.  Andrew was going to be a priest.  Almost twelve years have passed since that balmy August afternoon.  Throughout those twelve years, I have come to know a person who I couldn’t think be more perfect to be a priest.  This past weekend, shortly just after noon on May 22nd, Andrew Liaugminas was ordained as a priest for the Archdiocese of Chicago.

No. 2:

Le Petit Seminaire – posted on August 8th.

This is for my classmates, my colleagues, my students and fellow alumni.

No. 1:

Missed Connections:  Smart, Cute Girl w/ Doctor Who Button @MSI – posted on September 15th.

You looked at me, realizing the nerdiness of the question, smiled and obliged.  Once in the middle of the funnel cloud, you continued your lesson, putting to life what you said earlier.  When it was all over, it was just you and I again.  Your MSI lanyard with your ID was worn down your back, so I couldn’t see your name.  It was then, I happened to noticed your Doctor Who button on the left side of your MSI coat.


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