Ode to 2010

2010, you have been quite the year.

Prior to the start of you 365 days ago, I knew you were going to be a hard year.  This is why I decide to themed you with “smile” lest you get the best of me.  And you did get the best of me because it was rough year.

However, even as rough as this year was, I can’t help but smile that I knew I conquered you.  Looking back, I can’t remember the last time I smiled this much throughout a year.  Yes, there were low points and long stretches, but there was always a smile each day.  And each smile was always greater than the rest.

In January, I went locally viral with my 2nd video of the year.  February, I joined the wonderful blogging community of ChicagoNOW.  March allowed me to host two of the most amazing couch surfers from France.  April went down as the most daring prank I ever pulled.  May saw the ordination of one of my dearest friends.  June sent me scavenging on the most fun video I have ever collaborated and produced.  July signified my first nerdy conference/convention.  August challenged me to finally make use of my video ideas.  September brought in one of my favorite bloggers who I finally got to meet.  October put me to tears as I made my dad’s childhood dreams come true.  November went down in the record books.  And finally, December brought joyous occasions with my wonderful friends.

2010, it has no doubt been a rough year and I can’t wait until you are over.  You may have bested me at times, but in the end, I’m still smiling.


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