Thoughts from Places: #SFNYE

So over new years, I embarked on an adventure that is slightly unthinkable.  Alright, so it’s not really unthinkable seeing how I’ve actually done this numerous times before.  I flew across the country to hang out with Internet people.

Greeting me at my arrival in San Francisco was Nico.  If I had a brother, it would be Nico.  And no it’s not because he’s Asian.  We then sought out the girls and surprised them.  There’s Ashley, Ashley, Ashley and Bri.  Captain Ashley created our mini community by suggesting that bloggers should vlog and participate in VEDA.  When it was over, Bri decided that the VEDA’ers should come together make one big awesome video.  And so, once Nicole arrived, running into the arms of fellow Internet friends who she is meeting for the very first time, #SFNYE officially began.

Though complete strangers, the Internet brought us together and formed friendships.  Some I’ve met before, like the Nicos & Ashleys pair.  Others, I’m meeting for the first time.  And yet, though strangers, we were already friends.

As we waited for the trolley to take us on an adventure.  I noticed that many people were waiting too.  They were all waiting for the forthcoming trolley.  Some waited in large groups while others waited alone.  But we all waited.  I can’t help but think that everyone was waiting for an adventure.  In life, we often wait for an adventure to come and take us away.  For some people, adventures comes often.  While others would wait until the can’t wait anymore and go elsewhere to wait, only to do the same a leave.  But many just wait until the adventure arrives, only to hop and go where it takes them.

Look back on my old adventures, I often would go where the trolley leads me, only to get off at the end and wait for another adventure to begin.  Lately, I’ve stopped waiting and started to make my own adventures.  San Francisco itself is an adventure.  Everywhere you turn, it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

Whether it’s driving in California, learning how to climb the hills of San Francisco, finding the Full House house, having your first In-and-Out Burger and not regretting it the next morning to hanging out with dear friends you met on the Internet over some Irish coffee.  I chose to be a part of this adventure instead of staying home on new years and waiting for one to come to me.

It’s funny how this adventure can into existence for all of us because we decided to participate in VEDA during the month of August.  All bloggers who were introduced into a new medium and bonded over a simple thing called vlogging.

What made #SFNYE great was not because of the adventure, but the companions that were present.  And like any good adventure, it must end and we all must say goodbye.  Sad as it was, I couldn’t be happier knowing that as I boarded the airplane back home to Chicago, even though one adventure is ending, another one has already begun.


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