Penguin Awareness Day 2011

I can’t believe I did that on camera.  That’s all I can say.


6 thoughts on “Penguin Awareness Day 2011

  1. This felt a bit like a marriage proposal because you kept repeatedly asking us to take this journey with you. At least now I know I won’t accept any marriage proposal in the future that does not include penguin noises and gestures.

  2. Crap! I can’t believe I missed penguin awareness day!

    Honestly… I’m upset. Because my friend calls me penguin and I call her monkey (long story) and I told her she should probably appreciate me on this day!

    I didn’t even appreciate me on this day… Damn!

  3. I have to thank you. 59 years of taking advantage of the existence of Penguins. Now I have a better feel for my place int he world. thanx

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