I’m a Bootlegger

And the winner of the 2011 20SB Bootleg Award for “Best Vlogger” goes to…


Loud cheers and applause as Phampants approaches the stage.

Deep narrative voice from above (that is not God).

Phampants is a two time nominee in the “Best Vlogger” category and was previously nominated in the “Most Awkward” category in 2010.  This is his first win of the 20SB Bootleg Awards.

Wow.  Thank you!  Umm, what can I say?  This is not the bootleg I was expecting.  No seriously, isn’t this called the Bootleg Awards?  Then why is the award in a shape of a speech bubble?  I already have enough thought bubbles as it is…

Though, this one is quite shiny.  Very shiny.  Pretty…

Anyways, in all seriousness, I just want to thank the blogging community, the #Runnerds, my Twitter peeps and most of all, the amazing YouTube community.  Thank you for reminding me that videos can be so much fun.

And if I may suggest one thing 20SB, next year the Bootleg Awards should really be bootlegs.  Just imagine the winners taking home these:


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