Ben & Jerry’s F[l]avor

My dear YouTube friend, Tezzitoo, is a Ben & Jerry’s campaigner and she needs help.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is trying to see what flavor is the most popular and Terri is pitching for Strawberry Shortcake.  Voting is done once and is based purely on Facebook Likes.  No registration, not annoying Facebook application.  Just a thumbs up.

There’s not catch but if you do like Strawberry Cheesecake, you get a chance to win a year’s supply of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.  Additionally, if my Strawberry Cheesecake wins, my friend Terri can come to the USA (she’s in Australia) and attend VidCon with WritetoReach, Nicopolitan and PureKatherine.

So if you could please help her out, I greatly appreciate it.  She’s sweet and funny, how can you say no to her face?

Seriously though, Terri needs your help.  Win a free year’s worth of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and bring @Tezzitoo to America!


Vote for Strawberry Cheesecake!

And bring @Tezzitoo to America!


If you can, please share & tweet this out:


FCC Disclaimer notice:  I was not compensated or asked to make this post by Ben & Jerry’s.  I do not get anything return from them.  I am just helping a friend win a contest.


8 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s F[l]avor

  1. Haha oh man, I never realised how scary that photo is when it’s full size! o.O

    And thank you once again for being so awesome in helping spread the word, John! You have no idea how much this means ❤

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