Thirsting for Adventure

Earlier this year, I decided that I will “have an adventure.”

It’s the end of March and to say the very least, 2011 have brought me a few adventures already.  Not to discredit the adventures that has been brought before me so far, but when I said to myself to have an adventure this year, I was thinking more on the lines of travel.

Adventures weren’t always about traveling for me, but in recent years, adventure and travel coincides with each other.  That being said, traveling have been very limited this year.  Yes, I did started my year in San Francisco for #SFNYE, but since then, I’ve been home bound.

2009 was a huge year for me.  It was the first time I took upon myself to create my own adventure, not let it come to me.  In that year, I traveled all over the US and Europe; 20 flights in 5 months to be exact.  I had the time and adventure of my life.  It was so great, I want to do it again.  Travel and be on constant adventures.

I won’t deny that I kinda selfishly choose this year’s theme of adventure because I wanted to travel more.  Though, the truth is adventures aren’t all about traveling.  It can be based on life decisions, jobs, health, food and random spur of the moment opportunities.  2011 have brought me all of those so far.  However, my heart is calling me to travel more this year.

I want to go somewhere new.  I want to go somewhere old.  I want to explore the place I live.  But most of all, I want to be adventurous and not hold back.

January was San Francisco.  February and March have been lack luster, minus the exception of #SNOMG and St. Patrick’s day.  April and May are looking up.  I have a race in St. Louis, Missouri in a couple weeks.  And then mid-May, I’ll be in Florida visiting my best friend and my god-daughter.  But I don’t want to stop there.  June is up in the air.  July, I will be in LA for my birthday (Disneyland anyone?) and VidCon.  August is looking questionable about Europe and September is wide open.  October has potential but November & December is looking bland.

Australia, New Zealand, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. are on the radar.  But I want to go somewhere new.  Spain, Morocco &  Portugal is looking iffy in August.  Where else should I look into?  This is the year of adventure, I want to make it the best adventure yet.

So folks, what should I do?  Where should I go?  What will be my next adventure?


11 thoughts on “Thirsting for Adventure

    • I’m going to be in Fort Lauderdale.

      I love DC. The last few years, I have visited during the 4th of July. Not sure if I can swing it again this year during that time.

  1. Hm. I think you should go to the place that is calling you most. Wherever that may be. I’m going to a few places between now and September for work and school, but there are some places calling my name. I’m doing my best to make it to those places.

    I’m sure you’ll find some great places to go! 😀

  2. I want to come too! 2010 was my big travel year, and I’m already LONGING for more, but financially, it’s not going to be easy 😦 I have a great place in Madrid to check out if you do go to Spain, but if you’re in England, you should go to York – the country’s most haunted and brilliant city 🙂

  3. Disneyland??? Yes. I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to go to Disneyland. always.

    Also, this blog post of epic travel proportions is making me drool. You are in for an adventurous year for sure!

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