YouTube NextUp

I’m a semi-finalist for the YouTube NextUp contest. It’s not just any contest, it’s a contest by YouTube and I’m one of 144 semi-finalists!

Currently, I have a 1:6 chance of winning.  If I make it to the next round, I have a 1:2 chance!  But in order to move on, I need your help.  What I need the most is votes!

Here is where you come in, if you could please click the link below and give it a thumbs up EACH DAY until April 8th, I’d greatly appreciate it. I have less than 600 subscribers and I’m facing against channels who have thousands to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. However, I’m not just purely invested in YouTube.  This is where the awesome blogging community comes in.

I know I can reach the top 50 spots, but I need your help.  If I win, I would be given 1-1 assistance from industry expert, $35K to support my videos and promoted from within.

Please, please help me out by voting and spreading the word.  I would greatly appreciate it.

I have 7 days to get as many votes as possible.  You’re able to vote once a day and PLEASE VOTE EACH DAY.

Voting link –


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