Jet Fuel Excites Me

In the darkness just before the first light of dawn, I stand on the roadside alone on a warm and humid night.  Though the sun has yet to break across the sky to my left, I look eastward awaiting a glowing amber sign to approach me.

Luggage at my side, I stare down the empty block before me where my apartment resides.  It was not long ago when my alarm woke me up at the ungodly but familiar hour of 4.  Waking up a 4 AM to embark on my next adventure has become quite the past time.

The first pre-morning rise I can remember was my first adventure as an adult.  I barely fell asleep when I woke to the morning’s darkness to catch my flight to Brussels from Dublin on my Euro Tour 2009 trip.  Since then, I’ve done it again and again, both abroad and at home.  And here I again on this dark morning, waiting at the curb for my bus to take me to the airport.

Even at the beginning of the route, the bus was completely packed.  Each seat was filled with mostly drowsy blue collared eyes in route to work.  Stranger I was among the passengers.  We all proceeded to ride to the end of the line together, only to continue on the EL.  We were all heading to the same place: the airport.

As the Blue Line travels the final stretch to O’Hare, I could smell the subtle odor of jet fuel seeping in from the doors of the EL car.  I couldn’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline flow through my body. Jet fuel excites me.

It was only a matter of ticks before I fly off to a my next destination as I wait anxiously at my gate.  Places of new and old, I know that my adventure is beginning and continuing on.  Where I will go next, even I am not completely sure.  Wherever I land, I know that the adventure has already begun.

Summer of ’11, you’re going to be fun.


8 thoughts on “Jet Fuel Excites Me

  1. I loved it!!! you made me feel ready to catch a plane to go more or less anywhere!! i wish you the most exciting summer possible.

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