A Dog of A Run

Getting back into running is never easy.  Day One you always feel great, but it’s the days following it that you realized, “Wow, it’s been awhile!”

Not only were my muscles sore from yesterday’s run (#lamezoar), but today’s run was quite rough.  In particular, my lungs were not use to exercise.  It was quite a chore to breathe.  I felt sluggish from the lack of air and the extra pounds since I stopped running back in February.

The worse part was seeing people pass me left and right.  I was never fast, but I could hold a decent pace.  Today, it reminds me of how far am I away from where I use to be.  But better, I saw how far I have gone from where I started 4 years ago to my peak last year.  I know I can get back to that shape.

During the last half mile, a dog passed me as I trotted along.  Technically, a dog and it’s owner (she was cute), but what mattered was the dog.  A dog is out running me.  Sure, it has 4 legs and is kinda cheating, but still.  I couldn’t let a dog beat me.

So I kept pace with the dog, anywhere from 20-30 tail lengths.  I got you dog.  I see that tail wag.  You’re not going to wag your tail at me.  And sure enough, I kept my stride and pushed.  It would be so embarrassing if a dog beat me.  There is no way I can live this down.

One full stride after another, my legs loosed up and I caught up to the dog.  I looked at the dog and the dog looked at me. (I’m sure its owner is looking at me too, but this race was between the dog & I.)  I smiled to it and continued to kick on stronger and stronger.  Haha!  I beat the dog with a tenth of a mile to go!

To make even matters better, there was another dog ahead.  I’m going to beat that dog too.  (For the record, that dog was just sniffing a tree.  But it is irrelevant to the situation.)  I kicked the last stretch and beat that dog too.

Though my pace is over minute and half slower than 4 months ago, I can proudly say that I out ran 2 dogs today.  What kind of runner have I become?

*      *      *      *      *      *

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Days until the Chicago Marathon: 102
Amount Raised for UP:  $285.80
Miles for Awesome: 6
Weight:  150
Total Calories: 670
Deep Dish Pizzas Burned:  0.15


4 thoughts on “A Dog of A Run

  1. You just need to get back to stride. You will get back into shape. This is the first run since February. Give yourself a break. It will come along. I think you did great. Far better than I will ever do.

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