Coat of Multicolored Balls

One year ago on this day at 9:13 am, I was laying in the ball pit of VidCon out in Los Angeles.  Exhausted from the weekend of fun, YouTubing, meeting people, hanging out with bloggers and falling down, I found myself to the ball pit and just fell in.  Slowly I sank to the bottom.  I didn’t care, I was just tired.  Tired of the fun times I had on my trip which started in DC but was ending in LA in a few short hours.

I looked at my Chuck Taylors sneak out of the pit.  I couldn’t help but smile.  It’s been a good trip and this seems so befitting.

Today, I look back and realized I haven’t done anything remotely fun yet this year.  Last year by this time, I have stacked so many adventures with more yet to come.  As of today, I have had only a few small ones and with not much scheduled.  My year of adventure is so far a bust.  I need to fix this.  Internet, help me fix this.

I turn 27 on the 27th.  Let’s make it a memorable year. Please.


7 thoughts on “Coat of Multicolored Balls

  1. Hello My Friend!
    Long time no hear… Yep, I’m still in SoKo. Just renewed my contract so will definitely be here until July 2012. No Korean marathons coming your way???
    Totally let me know if you ever in the area.

    I finally got my Mac fixed while in the U.S. the last few weeks… so I’ll be blogging more this summer, so check it.

    btw… craving some of your brew… you may have to ship me a few bottles! hehe

  2. I think you just need to redefine fun. As you get older, the definition changes, sometimes daily. You probably are having fun and just don’t know it……

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