Please read part 1 first before continuing with this post. 

Today I finally get to celebrate my golden birthday.  I’ve waited 27 years for this and heck, I’m excited.  After many disappointing and hurtful birthdays, I know this one is going to be special.  Why?  Because this birthday isn’t about me.  It’s for everyone else.

For my 27th birthday, I want to give children the opportunity to have some great joy in their lives.  And if it happens to be on their birthday, that’s an extra plus.  So what I’m personally doing is donating $27 in honor of my birthday to my Chicago Marathon charity, the Uncultured Project.

Watch these two videos and learn more of what Uncultured has done so far:

And now, I ask you to help share the joy.  As you can see from the video above, the Uncultured Project has done amazing things.  I now ask to help bring joy to more children.  I’m hoping that on this, my 27th birthday, 27 of amazing people will also donate $27 to the Uncultured Project as I fund raise for them for the Chicago Marathon.

All you need to do is click the link to donate:

Before you hit submit, please include the hashtag #CM11 in the notes field.


This is my birthday wish.  I wish to bring smiles and joy to others who are less fortunate and more deserving than me.

Thank you for your love, support and friendship.

Today, I turn 27 and I hope to bring smiles to at least 27 faces.  Help me make this happen.

` P


4 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. CRAP. I totally missed the note field and thought it was coming up on the next page or something. So, I donated $27, I swear, but I didn’t put #CM11 in there. :-\

    Anyway, this is a great thing, Pham. I hope you have loads of fun at Disneyland today and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

  2. I hope you had a great birthday! This is such a wonderful thing. I know I wished you a Happy Birthday yesterday, but I’ll say it again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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