My Mother is a YouTube Troll

Yesterday morning, I woke up with this in my YouTube inbox:

The message was directed to my dear friend Karen who has appeared in many of my videos.  For awhile, she was a nanny for AAron & Stephanie, regulars on the running channel vlogs, and did vlogs with their baby girl.  Even though she states that she is a nanny, people would still mistaken the baby for hers.

I ignored the message until I got an email from Karen:

“O.M.G.  HA.”

I looked back and finally read the message realizing the person thought Karen & I had a baby.  Remember, this is me who we are talking about.  A grossly single & no luck with girls having a kid with Karen, the person who uses me as a punching bag.  A baby?  WOW!

To which I responded:

“Omg is right! Hilarious!”

That is until I noticed the username: 77360645.

At first, I thought those were just random numbers.  Then my eyes broke up the numbers into something that I can recognize:  773  & 60645.

773 is one of Chicago area codes.  60645 is the zip code where I grew up 15 years of my life. It then all dawned on me.  I promptly emailed Karen back saying:

“Omg!  That is my mother! She thinks I had a kid with you.”

Folks, my mother thought I had a baby with my friend Karen.  Might I also add that the video is over almost 2 years old, so she probably thinks I’m hiding a toddler & grandchild from her.  I will add that her stating the baby is cute is a false statement.  She is using it as a coy way to get a response.

My own mother thinks I have a secret baby.  What. The. Eff?

I hate to admit this but Internet, my mother is a YouTube troll. I am so ashamed.


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