I’m Featured in the Wall Street Journal

I still am in disbelief about this but it is true.  Folks, I am in the Wall Street Journal.

Huffington Post was a surprise.  Boing Boing was pretty awesome.  But the WALL STREET JOURNAL?!?!?!

Let’s step back a few weeks.

Remember the time when I got to test drive the Chevy Volt thanks to Klout Perks?  Yeah you do because you all cherished the part where Karen punched me.  Seriously, I looked at the insights of the video.  The highest engagement of the video was when Karen was present and peaking at the point where she punched me in the shoulder.  Need a refresher (or laugh)?

So when I got the Volt, I knew I had to make a video.  Why?  Because I haven’t made one in ages.  But also knowing that if I could show I could handle major brands, perhaps opportunities would open up to me.  If anything, it was consolidation that Karen & I never got to be Ford Fiesta agents, so might as well pretend.

Well, the pretending turned out very well as I crowd sourced my whole Chevy Volt experience: 3 whole days of nonstop awesome.  I returned the car and churned the video out.

Needless to say, the Volt was fun & I had a great time going on adventure.  I was hopeful that some connected people would notice it, but truth be told, I’m here to have fun & share my experiences with you.  That is until two weeks ago when Klout contacted me asking if I wanted to talk to the Wall Street Journal.

I did a double take. Is this email for real?  It is from @klout.com.  I got the pinch when I saw it was from Megan Berry, who spoke at the 20sb Summit along side other rockstars like WheezyWaiter, Jen Friel, Nate St. Pierre, Nicopolitan, Patrick Pho and then there was me.  I replied and Megan got me in touch with Andy Jordan of the WSJ.

Andy did a Skype interview one early morning just over a week ago asking me about Klout, the Volt and dipped into my online connections.  I was excited and nervous but I tried to keep my cool.  I mean, it is the WSJ for goodness sake.  The last person I knew that was in the WSJ was John Green.  Now me?  Heh.

Then to my surprise, late yesterday afternoon the interview went live.  There I was on the WSJ in the medium that I have come to embrace so well: I was in video form.  To which, I asked myself, “Do I really sound like that?”  So now, with no further adieu, my feature in the Wall Street Journal:


So what’s next after the Wall Street Journal?  Well, turns out that Chevy liked what I did so much with the Volt, they are giving me another car to test drive for a week!  Starting tomorrow, I’ll be driving an orange (I believe) Chevy Sonic around the Chicagoland area.

So I’m going to ask you again, give me some ideas and let’s make another fun video together.  What “firsts” can I do with a Chevy Sonic.


4 thoughts on “I’m Featured in the Wall Street Journal

  1. The obvious choice is to go back to that Sonic with the Sonic.

    If it is orange you should to take it to Champaign and cruise Green Street.

    It looks made for trick-or-treating if you get it in time.

  2. ah yay! THIS IS SO COOL. of course i’ll always advocate for a road trip to see me, but if that isn’t possible i say you use it to give us a tour of some of your favorite chicago places. ya know, show me all the reasons i should move there 🙂 haha.

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