Rising Blood Pressure

There is no lying about this, I’m an Asian driver.

Okay, finished laughing? No? Fine, but I’m continuing on this blog post.

I may be Asian, but I can drive, parallel park, don’t have a suited up car and am competent on the road.  I’m from Chicago. I can drive and drive confidently.

However, the 48 hours driving around in Texas has driven me nuts. (Pun unintended.)  Seriously, all these over passes and under passes with exit and in ramps, what gives?  Okay, so the hotel I stayed at was I off the highway, I get it. But my trip to Target to buy a razor (silly me forgetting about shaving) brought me upon four of these passes for no reason. What ever happened to simple intersections with traffic lights?  Now I know why @teacherintx hates driving so much. Oi!

All I wanted to do was get to Target. Next thing I know, I missed it cuz I went over instead of under. Turned around and took a ramp and went over again.  Apparently the gods are mad at me during no shave November. But hey, I eventually got to Target without too much damage to my heart. Two years doesn’t mean anything.

Next time, I’m bringing my own traffic lights.


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