Manly Butter

I’ll spare you my rejoicing when I returned to Oz this morning. But if you want to know, read this tweet.

I love the Australian accent. Absolutely love it but unfortunately that is the only English accent that I have a language barrier. There are just some words that the pronunciation that confuses me. First it was the word “beer” when I was in college. Then came the translation of “large pizza” into an “orange pizza” (best Australia story to date). Today, I have a new word to add to the short list: butter.

“Do you want me to butter your bread?”

(Mean Girls anyone?)

Seriously, that was what the lady asked me today when I was getting lunch. (Literal TWSS ftw.) I looked at her puzzled. I had no idea what she said. She repeated it again based on my blank stare. The food court was loud, so perhaps I didn’t hear her. Nope, I heard her but couldn’t understand her for the life of me.

“Butter! Butter!” She kept on yelling.

“I’m sorry what?”

“Do you want me to butter your bread?”

Dumbfounded, she went to the back counter mumbling, “Don’t you know what butter is?” And return with a huge tub of butter.

“Ooh, butter!” I said.

“Yeah, butter.” She replied.

“Sorry what?”  Seriously, still couldn’t understand what the heck she was saying. Perhaps, if she was younger I would have said yes right away. (High five anyone? Anyone? No?)

After lunch, I headed to Manly Beach with @hatestweeting. Neither of us have been there, so it was a nice adventure to head to the unknown. Even though it was rainy, I refused a chance to put my feet into the Pacific Ocean. Why? Because I could. 

However, I thought raise the bar and lick the water too. Yes folks, I said lick. I wanted to lick the ocean. The salty Pacific Ocean. Why? Cause it would be manly.  (Okay, even I’m groaning at that one.)

So hear you go folks, me licking the Pacific Ocean at Manly Beach courtesy of @hatestweeting.


P.S. I soaked my jeans shortly after that picture was taken. The Pacific isn’t as peaceful as it is portrayed. That punk.


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