Christmas Turkey

When I planned this adventure, I knew that I would not be home for Thanksgiving. It’s not the first time I spent a holiday away, but never have I spent one of the big two apart from my family. I knew my parents wouldn’t be so happy, but I had an opportunity that I couldn’t easily give up.

Though far away from home, I was lucky enough to spend this holiday with a friend. KT being an ex-pat now was excited to host Thanksgiving and have another American present. She even promised turkey!

Now those who know me well, my family does not do turkey but substitute it for Cornish hens (long story). So I was absolutely ecstatic cuz I haven’t had turkey on Thanksgiving for almost 15 years. Unfortunately, KT and I had our hopes too high because it was quite the chore trying to find turkey in Oz.

By the time I have arrived in Sydney, KT had already raided her local grocery stores and couldn’t find a gobbling bird for the big feast.  Would we be bird less?  Did KT had to go back to Brisbane and shoot a wild turkey herself?  What would happen if we had to resort to just sides?

With the looming day of belt loosening nears, we made a quick stop to Aldi.  Lo behold, we found a bird, and I user that word loosely.  Marketed under Christmas turkey, we were presented with this:


A boneless, skinless blob of white fowl meat. We questioned the integrity of this so called turkey, but KT, being frustrated trying to find this…umm, bird, bought it.

I can’t say that the bird was real or not. Nor can I confirm all the side dishes are as authentic as it could be, but there is one thing I can say: I’m thankful for a lot this year. Friends near and far, the joy of traveling, always great company and even Aussies & Kiwis speaking with a hilariously bad American accent.

Though Thanksgiving want at home, the best was brought before me this year. And it is you folks that I’m thankful the most this year.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Turkey

  1. It was loverly having you here, Phammy. Thanks for being the first one to pass out on Thanksgiving Night. I may or may not have incriminating photos of you. Truly epic.


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