This is Not Weird at All

I stood up and started to find her. I only took a few steps before I did a double take. I couldn’t believe my eyes, is that really her?

It was such a surreal moment for both of us. Two friends from YouTube finally meeting for the first time. She waved and I waved back just to be sure. And then, our distance vanished as we hug each other for the first time.

“You’re short!” She said.

“You’re tall!” I replied.

Great first words for meeting for the first time. We hugged again just to make sure that this was real. It was. Phampants & Tezzitoo together at last.

“This is not weird at all.” Terri said. I couldn’t agree more.

It was just under two years ago when I first came across Terri through a recommendation from another YouTuber. At that point, she was vlogging everyday for a month. I really enjoyed her vlogs, so I subscribed and sent her a message oh so long ago. Thence forth, we kept in touch, did collabs, sent each other cultural exchange packages and became friends.

Two good friends, located opposite of the world from each other. There was a point last year that we were both in the same city in Europe, only we missed each other by a week. Part of my trip mirrored hers while part of hers visited places I’ve already been. However, on this warm cloudy Melbourne day in late November, we were united for the first time.

My Melbourne adventure started off in true fashion as Terri lead me off to a coffee & sweets shop. Then following my wanderlust, she allowed me to get lost in her city by proudly showing it off. We skipped the tourist stuff and sought Banksy, AC/DC lane, the little lane ways, Queen Victoria Market, farm animals and all the sweet shops she knows. Flinders Street Station & Federation Square were introduced to me before we headed to the botanical gardens and viewed the city from the shrine. Next thing we know, we were exhausted and having dinner on the South Bank as I had my first Melbourne beer.

As the sun finally broke through the balmy spring November day, Terri & I looked from the balcony of the Blue Train down to the river walk below in silence. Both exhausted, hungry and parched but also soaking in the still surreal thought that we are finally together. Friends from two sides of the world together at last. And it wasn’t weird at all. It was the beginning of the awesomeness to come.



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