Top 10 Quotes of 2011

Here are my top 10 Quotes of 2011:

No. 10:

“I’m pulling a lot of rabbits out of my butt. I’m getting pretty sore.”

– Hugh O.

No. 9:

“Met @phampants but thrown off because he’s not shooting video of everything going on. Do I have to take off my pants to get on camera?”


No. 8:

“…Made the mistake of telling my cubemates why I had been up so early today. Muggles just don’t understand. Ha.”

Megan O., from #Pottermore

No. 7:

.:: On golden birthdays.
“I didn’t turn twenty on the twentieth.”

John M.

No. 6:

“Winking takes a lot of thought.”

Ashley R., from #winetoreach

No. 5:

“Do you speak the language [of New Zealand]…which is English?”

Tracy S.

No. 4:

.:: Upon receiving a kangaroo scrotum pouch.
“Man, I wish I was hung like this.  Boy do I feel inadequate.”

– Mark U.

No. 3:

“Why aren’t you running?”

Bri A., from #SFNYE

No. 2:

“It’s not that I have a relationship with technology, it’s that technology enables a lot of my relationships.”

Nico C.

No. 1:

“This is not weird at all.”

Terri C., from This is not Weird at All

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