The Adventure That Was 2011

2011 was dubbed the year where I have an adventure. Boy, was it an adventure!

I knew entering this year that adventure could be both an amazing experience and intense hardship.  I prepared myself for both knowing no matter what this year brought me, it would be the adventure I’ve been seeking.  Sure enough, it was the adventure and more.

I woke up on January 1, 2011 grossly hungover and my boxers on backwards.  I remembered how I got so hungover, but I still don’t know how my boxers were on backwards.  I blame #SFNYE.  What a way to ring in 2011 and catapult me into the adventure that never ended.

#snOMG took over when over two feet of snow buried myself and the rest of Chicago in February.  I managed to topped my No Pants Subway ride video with my “How to be Irish” video on St. Patrick’s Day.  April brought humility to me when I found out I was a semi-finalist for the YouTube Next-Up competition.  May sent me to Hogwarts and jury duty for the first time.  June allowed me to host my favorite couch surfers of all time and blessed me with a pleasant trip to Pittsburgh.

July was VidCon and my golden birthday.  In August, I spoke at my first summit and was perked up with the Chevy Volt.  September rocked as I muscled my nerdy skills with @henjealy and won the Downtown Dash in Chicago.  October brought me another car and an interview with the Wall Street Journal.  I finally returned to Australia in November and visited New Zealand for the first time in December.

This year has been filled with amazing opportunities, trips and being surrounded by wonderful friends.  But even in the highlight of the year, it was also filled with my hardships.

Being unable to run for most of the year really destroyed a lot of my spirit.  Let’s not forget my mother running a muck on the Internet, hiding from my birthday to even rough but rewarding August that took it’s toll on me.  But hardships are ever so important of any adventure as its counterparts.  The fact that you can overcome it and rise higher than where you were dropped showed that you are able to survive, grow and willing to adventure for the better.

2011 has been magnificent.  The glory, the pains, the tears and the memories – there’s nothing I would change.  The adventure, in all it’s greatness and not so greatness, was magnificent.  Thank you for this fantastic adventure.  I will remember you always.


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