Burning Lungs

There are good days and there are bad days, but there is never a thing as a bad run.  A run is a run, no matter how disappointed you feel about it.  1 mile is more than no miles and staying at home.

It kills me that I don’t run every day anymore.  I ache to be out along the lakefront, pushing off from asphalt, gravel and concrete. I know that I’m recovering so I must take it slow, but nothing feels better than going for a run.

Though, there is one thing better.  The only thing better than going for a run is when you complete your run and your lungs burn.  It burns from the long strides you took.  It burns from the hot or cold air you breathed in.  It burns as you gasp for air during your run.  It burns because it wants to continue on running.

Nothing beats the burning of your lungs.  It’s a sign that you not only had a good run, but you worked for every step, feet, and gasp of air.

After my run yesterday in 34 degrees temperature, my lungs burned.  It burned for the first time since Thanksgiving 2010.  Though the air was warm and the run felt slow, I knew that my body was seeking the air it needs to fuel my thirst for running.  It felt great.

I can’t wait until my lungs burn again.  And again.  And again.


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