Hello World, Again. So to Speak.

The issue with being a funk is that well, you’re in a funk.  But there are always upsides to every down side.

Though this funk isn’t the most enjoyable (not that they are to being with), I’ve come to the realization that this unideal situation has given me a prime opportunity.  As I have commented and noted for awhile, my Internet presence, or lack there of, has been absolutely disappointing.  I don’t know how disappointed you may actually be, but for me, I feel like I’ve been neglecting an integral part of myself.

Who I am IRL and who I am URL goes hand-in-hand.  The lack of tweets, blog posts and videos have made me feel bland in my daily living life.  Perhaps it’s a cause for my funk.  Either way, I know that I’m having issues with my happiness right now.  But like I said, this funk may be a blessing after.

To which, I want to say hello.  Hi.  It’s great to see you again. I know it’s been awhile, but perhaps it’s time to start over, so to speak.

No, I’m not abandoning Phampants. I’m Phampants; it’s who I am and always am.  But perhaps it’s time for reintroduction.  A new start with an old friend (not that I am old, but who am I kidding?).  Let’s not be cliche and call it Phampants 2.0; but I can deal with volume 2.

That being said, let’s start a discussion.  What do you think Phampants is?  Honestly, I don’t have any idea nor did I ever had an idea.  If anything, I know that it’s me and how the name came to be.

So tell me, what do you think Phampants is?


5 thoughts on “Hello World, Again. So to Speak.

  1. Hi 🙂 Seaking from someone who doesn’t actually know you IRL, I can’t say I’ve been disappointed. Whenever I get an email saying you’ve posted I’m always excited to go read what you’ve had to say. Whenever I read a running one I feel so much more motivated. And when I don’t, I appreciate them just as much. i laugh out loud at any funny posts, and sympathize with any serious ones. Guess I’m just a blog-a-holic, but I love reading about what other people have to say, even if it’s just something that happened some random day in their lives. It makes me motivated enough to want people to maybe be entertained by me some day; but for now I just appreciate your posts, as frequently or infrequently as they come 🙂
    Being in a funk sucks. But hey, life is funky. I hope you’re feeling back to normal soon, because as a random reader, I think Phampants is purely awesome.

  2. I honestly have no clue what Blogging for Sanity is, either. So don’t feel bad. Personal blogs are always the hardest to maintain, IMO. There’s no restriction when it comes to topics, so the wide range of things is sometimes daunting and can make you feel like there’s nothing to say – when, in fact, there is so much to say you just can’t pick something.

    A personal blog is for sharing all of your thoughts, your adventures and non-adventures. They’re my favorite kind of blogs to read, because I feel like they don’t have an agenda. Phampants is a personal blog. You don’t have to be professional here. Just be you. It’s all we expect.

  3. Concerning lives on the internet, I count Phampants as my web-brother. And that has a lot of implications. It doesn’t matter how long you fade out of the picture, the important thing we know you’re still there somehow, because friendships might disappear and reignite, but family is *always* there.

  4. You are my virtual reality. As you learn who you are, so will I learn who I am. I think we’re off to a good start……

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