VidCon 2012 Outlook: Industry vs Community

I really didn’t know what to expect from VidCon this year, but after tonight, it became quite apparent.  YouTube has became an industry, but even with the shift, the community at its core, is still very strong.

Being at the TubeFilter & Big Frame #PreParty event, I couldn’t help but feel out of place.  This wasn’t a party; this was an event.  It was present as if it was a big media show to demonstrate the success of the 2 respected companies and what they’re doing for the industry.  I get it, YouTube is a business.  To which, congrats to BigFrame for their $3 million seed funding. However, as a community member and as someone who studies YouTube, I felt disconnected.

The #PreParty was meant to flaunt.  However, it did everything but flaunt.  Well, unless you count the helicopter entrance.  But seriously, if you’re hosting a sponsored event, your guest should not be expected to pay for their own food or drinks.  Secondly, if you promise certain people to show up, they need to be there early & stay late.  They can’t show up as they will.  Thirdly, some of your signed partners really felt out of place there.  Perhaps they don’t belong there to begin with or maybe they were there for obligation.  In the end, the #PreParty was a bust.

Even as disappointing as the #PreParty was, I’m glad I went.  It’s always interesting to see where YouTube is heading.  This is a great demonstration of where it could head, if it keep its current path.  The other part, I was over joyed seeing journalists & fellow YouTubers/community members whom I haven’t seen in awhile.

Now the big contrast is the completely #OrdinaryTour.  It was exactly not what the #PreParty was.  Instead, it was focused on the community.  It doesn’t present any press and any knowledge of it stems from word of mouth.  #OrdinaryTour, to best put it, is the reaction to where YouTube is heading.  The focus is on the community; the community that made YouTube what it is today.

YouTubers, big and small, come together to celebrate WITH the community.  Something outside of VidCon but in its true core, the heart of VidCon.  Though I missed the first half of the show, I really felt at home for the second half.  It was for the community by the community.  No one was more special than the other.  Everyone was who they were for the community that loves them and they have come to love.

Don’t get me wrong, YouTube being a proper industry is a good thing.  But the community has always been at its core and it’s fighting back & bring it back to its roots.

This year’s VidCon will be intersting.  If tonight taught me anything, it is #PreParty against #OrdinaryTour:  Industry vs Community.  Looking at tonight, #OrdinaryTour out did #PreParty.  We’ll see what the rest of VidCon will bring.


2 thoughts on “VidCon 2012 Outlook: Industry vs Community

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