A Ballad of Blue Moons, Castles and Giggles

I’m sorry to disappoint you from the beginning, but I am wearing pants. My name is Ashley and I blog over at Writing To Reach You.  When I asked for opportunities to guest blog, Pham said “I want a ballad to Blue Moon, castles, and giggles.” I said, “I can totally do that,” and he said, “I know you can.”  Then I was left trying to figure out how to do that.

Here is my uncomplicated view of both Blue Moon and castles: I just like them.  That is the beginning and the end. You can over think this all you want.  You can talk about the essence of orange or stonework, but it’s really no more complicated than that I like beer and I like castles.  They are both magnificent.  The end.

But, giggles.  That’s more complicated.  I have something to say here. Introverts like me can get entirely too wrapped up in the seriousness of everything.  Then it’s late afternoon on a Tuesday and we find ourselves kind of low, and we ask, “What’s the problem here?”  And we realize that we haven’t really talked to anyone all day. And, more importantly, no one has made us laugh.

This is when blog friends swoop in to save the day.  If you do it infrequently enough, you can get a big response.  You just say on twitter that you’re having a bad day or you say that you need to be cheered up, and like a swarm of Opposite Dementors, the internet descends to warm up your soul and fill it with joy.  The closest thing to Butterbeer you’ll find in the Muggle world.

Sometimes you need to work through every detail of what you’re struggling with, and sometimes you just need friends to distract you and make you laugh.  As a friend, it’s up to you to figure out what’s needed. Sometimes it’s a serious chat session and sometimes it’s the cutest puppies you can find.  Something I learned from a friend is that when one of your friends is struggling you need to check in regularly to make sure that she knows she is not alone.  To say anything is better than nothing.  This is a good time to ask your friend the most random question you can think of. “So, how do you feel about bears?”

Having recently been on the receiving end of a barrage like this, it took me a while to figure out what was going on, but then when I did, I just gave into it.  I was going through a rough time, my friends knew it, and they showed up.  Don’t resist the hugs. Don’t resists the cute puppies.  Drink your Blue Moon and pretend you’re in a castle.

Listen, whatever you’re dealing with outside of the castle will be waiting for you later.  You just laugh, feel warm and fuzzy, and drink that beer.  Let your friends do what they do.  Laugh as loud as you can. Dance if there’s an opportunity. Find a glow stick to wave around.

When it’s time to face reality, it will be a little less sharp.  You’ll have an inbox of puppies to review if things become too intense.  Friends at the ready if you’re not quite there yet.  And always that castle full of beer.


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