2012 London Olympics Drinking Game – Opening Ceremony

Olympic fever is upon us and what better way to watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic games than to drink!  Besides, it’s my birthday; let’s celebrate together.

Drink if…

  • You see your country of heritage, nationality or residence.
  • Young child to Olympian story.
  • Big Ben is shown (guys only).
  • London Eye is shown (girls only).
  • The Queen is shown.
  • A country of one is represented.
  • There is a Harry Potter reference.
  • A single child is on stage.
  • Bob Costas is speaking.
  • Someone is drinking tea.
  • The stadium is completely dark.
  • When an athlete uses his/her cell phone to take pictures/video.
  • When someone cool happens & everyone in the room is in awe.

Drink half your drink if…

  • Stone Henge is shown.
  • There is a technical difficulty.

Chug/Take a Shot if…

  • David Tennant carries the Olympic Flame.
  • The Queen does something unroyal-like.


So let’s celebrate my 28th birthday together.  I don’t want anyone to get wasted, but it would be nice to have one international birthday party.  If you can tweet me a picture of you drinking along or tag me on Facebook.


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